Day 91 Impersonator Identity Theft The Rest of The Story

The Local Chamber Executive said we were identical, the kindergarten teacher and me.

He also told me I needed to get this fixed because she was “not a nice lady”. He said the school district was shocked a person with such impressive credentials would want to come work in their tiny town for the wages they could pay. Then they found out she was teaching kindergarten part time in the morning and going to a nearby medium sized city and whoring all night. She had made quite a name for herself in that other town even to the levels of pornography queen. The parents of the little town were upset she was the teacher for their 4 and 5 year old children but the credentials were great; too impressive to pass up. The local chamber executive kept saying over and over how he could not believe how much we looked alike. I finished my official business with him  and the local chamber. I did call USCC as I left the local chamber office. I was instructed not to pursue the issue with the police or at the school district office. I met the business owners in town.  I did not pursue the issue at the school or with the local police. When I finished meeting the business owners and potential members for USCC I left that little town. The entire location took one day.

It was several weeks later when I got a phone call from the Dean of Education at my Alma Mater. He called me. He was obviously upset. He said Theresa, we got a problem. There is a duplication of your degree. We have issued two diplomas on one set of classes completed. We think we know who the real student is who finished the classes but we have to have something from you to confirm that. You gotta send us something from those classes. You gotta send us a class syllabus or a course schedule or some class notes or something that will back our decision you are the one holding the impressive credentials. When we get this from you we will correct the mistake with the school district that is bringing this to our attention. 

I did send the proof I was the student who completed the classes. The university reissued my diploma. I did not think to protect my credentials and did not aske them to be reissued at that time. I thought they would automatically reissue my credentials at the same time. This I did not conect this situation in the small town teaching on my credentials to the girl getting into my bank account 35 years earlier when I was a child at home with dad watching my bank account. It was much later I put it together with my banking issues as a child and the credentialing issues. This is the same girl whose bank account number was close to my bank account number when I was 10 years old. My dad cleared it up with the bank officer as much as was possible with the information anyone had at that time about Identity Theft. The fact is she has been using my personal financial information and teaching off my impressive credentials. The idea she was teaching using my teaching credentials is very disturbing. What else has she done? Would I be able to prove it? 

If I had not been the District Manager with the United States Chamber of Commerce, Washington DC (USCC) I would not have walked into that local chamber or met the local chamber executive in that little town. If I had not been in that little town on USCC business, I might not have ever known I had an impersonator teaching on my credentials. I was told she lost her j o b. The school district pressed charges. And she spent some time in jail for impersonation identity theft and theft of services. I did not press any charges myself. I should have. That is not the last I heard from her. She has caused me a great deal of trouble because she has chosen to live her life as me. She has usurped and assumed my life. I understand she is somehow teaching on my credentials again from a university in another state not even I attended. It was quite shocking to find out about. 

Setting up people to live duplicate lives against the true Sons of The Lord G-D is the scheme of the red dragon to defeat Creator G-D and win the war in the Heavenlies. 




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