Day 92 Where were you on 9/11?

Here is my story.

At the end of the summer, a girl from my choir at my church in a town sort of in between the two towns where my double made her clandestine reputation asked me to go get pizza with them after choir practice. They were bubbling so much with excitement I thought they were going to burst. I finally gave in when it was apparent they would not take no for an answer. We decided where to go. I drove my car and they went together. As soon as we were seated at table the girls began bubbling again about this big big sign everyone would see. We finally got our orders placed. They began telling me a seemingly bizarre story. When I asked them if they were pulling my leg, they assured me everything would happen exactly as they said. The sign from heaven was going to happen within seven to ten days. I would be sooooooo  happy. Everything would change!

We Won!

Ok. That was weird. Even so, I was impressed by their enthusiasm. So I told them I would in fact watch for a sign and then would get back to them if I saw it. They giggled. I told them to let me know if I missed it. They assured me I would not miss it. Little did I know they were trying to clue me in to the 9/11 attack on the trade towers in New York City. For our purposes here and to make sure you understand and are following completely, the second beast, which uses the global banking cartels as a tool to control money world wide, was about to make their first strike on the global economy….. and two little teenage girls from church were telling me about it. 

Eight days later, I walked into a preset appointment in the far west section of the territory. The USCC member greeted me in the usual way and then immediately said, “Have you seen what is happening in New York?” I said of course not. I have been on the road for the last 4 hours to get here for our meeting. He said,”Cummeere”. 

I followed him back into his office. There his entire staff was glued to the television console in the middle section of his wall of books and manuals. The picture there was of the twin towers. One of the towers was burning. The office staff were chattering excitedly about the event. The news commentary was that a small single engine airplane had flown into the tower. We stood there discussing how this could happen with all the safeguards in place controlling flight in and around the city of New York. All of a sudden another airplane literally flew into the second trade tower right next to it as we watched in horror. The office staff screeched. One of the office staff screamed, “Oh My God!.” I made my way closer to the television screen to see better. As I surveyed the scene on the television screen, both towers in flames and a plane fuselage hanging out of one of them, it became clear to me. I said. 

We are at war.


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