Day 286 writing to keep in touch, writing under duress……

I am writing today in obedience to Creator God, the ONE.  I am completely overwhelmed myself.  I would not have thought it possible, but I am under severe attach personally for this message I have shared with you here.  How can this be?  Why? The book published here, “The Original Identity Theft” was written by the One called Holy (Holy Spirit in “church” jargon). I just typed.  It took 10 years….. We wrote most of it in 2010. Then, when I found myself injured with time on my hands, I picked it up again and we finished it. Now I am out here on my own just publishing here in obedience to God my Savior. It is hard to carry on. 

In case you missed it the antichrist system is in place and fully functional. We are in the tribulation of the saints. So saints we are being tribulated.  The second beast has been leashed on planet earth and there is vengeance in its intent as it collects the true sons in its teeth.

I am no different than you. I am not above it or somehow not susceptible or in some kind of special protective bubble so it cannot get to me. So let’s talk about it. 

It is hard to discern who is whom in the events of today.

Global warming is happening because of the bombs smaller 3rd world warrior nations are exploding on the ground or in the ocean thinking it is not doing any harm because no “person” was killed. They are killing earth. They are killing the planet we live on.  Every time a bomb detonates anywhere that is a bullet straight into the heart of the planet we live on.  I do not know how to say it more directly. Earth is a live living thing.  It was created by Creator God the ONE who is LIFE. Coming from LIFE it is LIFE, until we started killing it. Our weapons of mass destruction are killing the living breathing talking communicating orb we call earth. We have to stop shooting earth.  It is for sure reeling like a drunken man as was seen by the ancient prophet in Israel. 

I am going to try to speak to those of you who are pushing the “war”, who want to “rule the world” and who think you are doing it for Jesus.  You are wrong on all counts. Every bit of that and everyone into it are wrong. Doing it in the “name of Jesus” to set up his “earthly kingdom” is an abomination before God.  You do not know the spirit you are of……… 

Before the rebellion of Lucifer, there wasn’t any “rule”. The Lord God was not GOD in the aspect of “ruler”. Creator God, the ONE is creator….. LIFE is the essence.  In LIFE there is only abiding.  No need for “rule” or “judge”.  All of that, every thought in this regard, is from the rebellion of Lucifer and in service to Lucifer in rebellion to the LIFE ESSENCE ABIDING of Creator God, The ONE. It is the carnal mind. The carnal mind is death.  


This is not a transitive relationship meaning when you are wrong you are evil or when you are evil you are wrong.  This is a positional condition. They are the same thing.  One entity. One energy. One intent. The same. 

I see on MSN news once in a while that this or that strange “weird” creature is seen or found in a wood or washed up on a beach.  I submit to you they are real. They are the “creation” of Lucifer.  Lucifer/Satan cannot “create” anything. Only the Original CREATOR energy and essence creates. Lucifer can only mix and match what is already manifest by CREATOR.  So, the “weird” “animals” popping up all around the earth are the manifested attempts from Satan to “create”. It is very very sad.  I do not know if there is a soul in them or not, but the suffering must be absolutely unbearable.  I cannot linger there in thought or it shuts me down…..

The so named “climate change” is real.  Man has bombed and abused its way into the death and destruction of earth. That does not mean I am in the ranks of those who have been pushing “climate change” for the past few decades. I might agree they were witnessing something terrifying happening to earth, not knowing what would cause it, sought to find an answer through science, called it “climate change”.  The root cause of “climate change is the systematic continual destruction of earth by the various “governments” who drop bombs and test bombs on earth and in the sea and below the earth.  Picture a person standing in front of you and each bomb that is detonated is a bullet that is hurled at that person and hits them. Each bomb detonated on earth is a bullet straight into the living being we call earth.  Earth is dying.  We have killed it with our bombs in our strife and efforts to be “king” and “rule the world”.  All dominance and control and judging is rebellion to the LIFE ESSENCE of Creator God, The ONE.  I really hope I am communicating well. I am saying this a directly and in as much purity of form and function as I am capable of. Let those who have ears to hear…….. hear.  

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