Day 285 Resist the temptation and demand to conform and maybe even comply……

Daniel, Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego are the best example of nonconformance I can think of in the Bible.  They had been taken captive and carried off to a foreign nation as servants to a foreign king. This king served a lesser god than Creator G0d, The ONE God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  The king, thinking he was honoring the wise men he had taken captive, brought them to his very King’s table to eat with him all the rich foods and recipes on his own table.  The boys were observant Jews, observing the dietary laws set down by Moses. So, when the delicacies were put before them at the kings table in front of the kind, they refused to eat the food because it would defile their bodies.  The king was offended. Not too many people ever get an invitation to eat at his table. so how arrogant are these newly captured slaves to reject his food?  How dare they? 

These young observant Jews stood against the king and did not eat the king’s delicacies.   They were thrown into a fiery furnace to be burned alive and into a lion’s den where the lions had been starved so the lions were definitely ready to eat them. In both cases and every other case, The Lord God delivered the Jewish boys that would rather die terrible deaths than defile their bodies with unclean foods. 

Now look at this carefully. These were 4 boys all alone taken from their parents carted off to a foreign land to be slaves to a foreign king who worshipped a lesser god. They stood on their principals, knowing they were right, sticking to the truth of the One Creator God. Singularly. Independently. No matter how deep and intense the pressure to conform.  All they had to do is take one bits of a kings’ delicacy and all the pain and opposition would go away. They could be one of them. They could be popular and invited to all the holiday parties and back yard bar-b-ques.  They chose to make a singular stand for The Lord God. 

It is the job of “church”, the first beast of Satan from the sea of glass under the throne of Creator God, The ONE to get us all to march in line like sheep, or better like lemming who run mindlessly in herds to the precipice of the cliff and jump off in unison without thought as to whether that makes sense. They are 100% conforming to the group without question as they fall to their death. 

The New Testament example of who stood alone in defiance of the group or the crowd or the many is Jesus of Nazareth himself. How many of the apostles were on that cross with him? How many of the apostles took the beatings to beyond recognition of a human being with Jesus? How many actually stood with Jesus in the crowd that watched as Jesus was sentenced to being crucified on a tree in shame on Golgotha with the murders, and thieves, and criminals?  Can you guess? Not one. No one stood with Jesus against this great wrong. Jesus was alone.  There is a time on the cross when even Creator God, The ONE could not look on Jesus and had to trun aside from gazing on him from the throne room because of his Holiness.  Jesus stood alone.

There are others. Job in the old testament and Paul in the new testament come to mind for further proof it is not always best or right or what is worshipping Creator God, the ONE and doing service to the Christ of God, Jesus of Nazareth.  There are times when we true sons are called upon to stand alone. We must choose against what seems to be our own best interest and enter a solitary position to declare to the rebellion who is the One true Creator, God.  

You better know this is a very lonely position to be in. A very singular calling to the specific path in our journey home.  But, we are never alone! Jesus said he could call down 1000 angels and they would bear him up so he would not stub his toe on a stone! For us, in these last days of this creation, the Lord God provided for us a comforter. We are in complete communion with Creator God, the ONE. We never leave his presence in the throne room. It is written our angels gaze never leave his face.  

I have come to believe when someone is very intense to force conformity they are meaning they want sex in some way or form.  They have themselves entered into some specific form of personal debauchery or abuse of their body given to them and hate themselves for it. So, the best and perhaps only way for them to feel good about themselves is for you to decide to indulge in the same debauchery they did. Somehow, if you choose to do whatever dastardly deed they did, it some how justifies their own bad decision. Not every one is made or put here on earth to be in a family. Paul was granted special permission not to have a wife and children in the society then because he had Roman parents and was wealthy enough to pay the bribes/taxes to buy his freedom from the rule he marry at age 12 and begin fathering children.  Paul could not have completed his race for Creator God if he was husband and father to a family. He had to be free. The Lord God made way for Paul to be SINGLE, ALONE in the society at that time and not marry or father children.

I do not know you. I do not know your reason for being on planet earth in these last days. You do. Or, You can find out by asking. Anything you ask in Spirit and Truth will bring a quick answer in Spirit and Truth.  I know for myself right now I am alone because there is no worthy companion found for me. I am attended by the angels.  I am not lonely.  

I am not bitter. I am in human form so I struggle with mans inhumanity to me.  Like King David after he took Bathsheba, I want to be left to stand before the One Creator God, the almighty than be left to the judgment of even one human or humankind or god.  No matter how difficult the path whatever the Lord God decides to do to me if and when I comit iniquity it is exponentially better to me and for me than the best intentions of adamah and humankind.  

There is absolute peace in a solitary life IF you are called to it. 

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