Day 290 Separation of church and state

There is much in the news headlines in the United States currently about separation of church and state.  Jesus said to give Caesar what is Caesars and to GOD what is GODs. Seems pretty separate to me. Two completely different aspects not to be comingled. 

I just saw news article in MSN where a politician declares the church ought to be “directing” state. This is a very dangerous proposition. Historically, “Church” is one of the bloodiest most abusive controlling organizations on earth.  It was formed out of a political intent to rule the world by Constantine in the 3rd century A.D.  Constantine pulled together the religious leaders of the day in a coalition to build a platform that would be universally (at that time) appealing a excepted and followed.  “Church” was the trap set up by Lucifer empowering the first beast out of the sea of glass under the throne of Creator God The ONE. “Church”, the first beast, has wielded power over the minions using bully tactics claiming they are the representative of Jesus of Nazareth on earth which is the epitome of taking the Lord’s name in vain.  Hence the panicked demand against “colorful language”. Those holding power in “Church” do not want the minions taking a good look at what “taking the Lord’s name in vain” really means.   The research could expose them. 

It occurs to me that “the tribulation of these days” spoken of by the ancient prophets in Israel could be talking about a time of rule and dominion on earth by “Church”.  Since the paradigm shift from the first beast to the second beast ,”Church” is being forced to relinquish their assets to “Finance” the second beast.  “Church” is not going down easy.  

Please understand, when I say “Church” I am speaking of the full on business aspect of the corporation and organization CHURCH. This does not include the broader first meaning of church or synagogue the apostles of Jesus of Nazareth used in their syntax.  The meaning they used was “called out ones” or “the gathering together”. It was not political. It was not even “spiritual” in the sense of meaning used for “spiritual” in US vernacular today.  The early believers were under serious attack from the Sanhedrin and Caesar and Mithras in the ethereal realm, to name a few.  They were told to pool together for comfort and friendship like a big Sunday afternoon picnic or homemade ice cream social.  They could support each other when someone needed supplies, etc. 

The battle cry that “Church” should be directing “state” is bone chilling.  The war mongers with their false accusations and subsequent judgments you are unworthy and therefore must suffer “consequences” at their hand, could possibly be the face of and reality of “the tribulation of those days”.  Be very careful. 

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