Day 289 “Behold all things become new”. Lets talk about the new creature in Christ Jesus

The apostle Paul teaches that when a person becomes “saved”, takes Jesus blood to cover their sin and make them a child of God, that old things pass away. Behold all things become new. We are taught the old filthy rags are taken from us and we are given robes of white linen.  We are given a new mind and a new heart.  So what happened to that?

Oh yeah. The preachers came up with a disclaimer. It seems that since we have “old habits that are hard to break” we will still be addicted to the “old man” that died and not immediately take on the new life of the new man, the one who is a true son of Creator God, the ONE. This is not true or even possible. For example, if an orange is called by Jesus to be his disciple and the orange excepts the invitation and takes Jesus blood to cover his sins, and Jesus sends the One called Holy to make him new, then that orange is now say and avocado.  Can the avocado make orange juice? Can the avocado bear orange seeds?  No of course not.  I am telling you the transformation is that dynamic.  The transformation from the old man born under the sin/separation caused by Lucifer in the rebellion to the new creature in Christ Jesus with full access and full abiding in LIFE in Creator God the ONE is even more dynamic than if an orange changed into an avocado.  

The old man is dead. Gone. Like it never happened. So who are all of these people out there claiming the name of Jesus and continuing in their licentious behavior to do others harm? They have never met Jesus of Nazareth. They are not “saved”. His message to them is “depart from me I never knew you.”

In this scene when Jesus says this to the crowd they whine and moan and complain that they have danced in the streets in his name and cast out demons in his name and performed miracles in his name.  Jesus says “depart from me ye cursed. I never knew you”.  This is the definition of taking the Lord’s name in vain.

Here is a short list of the things you do not see a true son of Creator God, the one doing.

1.  They do not gossip

2. They do not take up a reproach so as to form a gang against someone who had done them no harm.

3. They do not judge someone as unworthy for anything. That is not their job. 

4. They do not steal anything from anyone for any reason. There is NEVER any justification for taking one person’s supply and diverting it to another. 

5. THEY DO NOT SAY ANYTHING IS HAPPENING TO ANYONE BECAUSE OF “CONSEQUENCES”. Because they know their own true consequence and who saved them from it……

6. They do not take up arms against any person or thing except in self defense and then only as a last resort.

7.  There is no “master race”.  The Lord God made hundreds of species of trees and bugs and flowers. He made a bunch of human species. All good.



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