Day 288 The Millennial reign/rule with an iron hand

Recently I struck up a conversation with a person about Biblical end times, tribulation, the second coming of Christ, and the millennial reign. This Christian was beaming with Joy because Jesus was going to come to earth and “rule with an iron hand”.   


I remain puzzled at the meaning of that statement, and he was off shortly after saying it, so I did not get a chance to inquire.  It is contrary to everything I know about Jesus of Nazareth, the One called Holy, and Creator God the ONE…… AND the millennial reign.  

I think I cannot get this statement out of my mind because it speaks to so much of what is going wrong in the US today.  This version of The Millennial reign is being trumpeted from the pulpit by preachers all across the United States.  I cannot imagine what they are thinking.  At best, the position comes from misunderstanding. At worst, it is a message straight from the fiery pit and Satan himself.  The best way I know how to deal with it is just list the ways it is incorrect.

1.  Jesus of Nazareth did not come to rule the world. Jesus does not want to “rule” anything. Jesus is the “Christ” of Creator God the One. The Christ meaning is the one chosen by Creator God the ONE as worthy to breach the chasm separating Creator God and creation because of Lucifer’s act of rebellion. That separation is the definition of “sin”.  We are all born “in sin” in this creation because we are all born after the rebellion, so we are separated from the abiding presence of Creator God.  The job of Jesus of Nazareth is to be the bridge back to the abiding nature of LIFE in Creator God the ONE. 

2. No one “rules” anyone in “paradise”.  The idea of a “king” or a “ruler” was the grand sin of Israel when they demanded a “king” and the prophet Soloman anointed Saul King of Israel.  This grieved the heart of Creator God the ONE. Israel essentially rejected abiding with Creator for a flesh “king”.  So, whatever part of the “millennial reign” has to do with “reigning” is not the end all and be all that is misunderstood in “church”.  

3. The Millennial reign, by definition is 1000 years.  Hear me now! The “millennial reign” is 1000 earth years! Is anyone thinking about that? They are using something in science that talks about the universe in terms of billions of years…………. and the “millennial reign” is somehow not put in perspective. 

4. The whole idea of a “millennium” is to be of peace when the lion lies down with the lamb and people beat their guns into plow shears and men will learn war no more.  It is the reward that Creator God the ONE gives to Jesus of Nazareth and his Bride Mary Magdalene as a wedding present and recompense for the suffering on the cross and the thousands of years they have endured apart…… This is their time. They earned it. And anyone who is invited to experience it with them will not be needing anyone to “rule them”.  It is a 1000-year celebration of LIFE. 

The whole concept of “rule with an iron hand” speaks to me of use and abuse and control. Of a maximum-security prison. All of that is wiped out and purged before the Millennial Reign. Those wars are going on right now. Very soon it will be finished. 

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