Day 292 Lets talk about a few things I learned about the “birth” process while caught up in the 7th heaven

What we see and know about birth, life, death, rebirth cycle on planet earth in our “carnal” (meaning stuck in earth bound mental capacity seeing everything darkly like through very dark sunglasses) mind is rudimentary at best and wrong in most cases. For instance, our whole idea of gender is without understanding. 

Gender: we are spiritual beings inherently without “gender”.  Spirit is all encompassing. I does not reproduce. It is whole as it is.  So each of us as “spirit beings” and in pure form as “spirit” do not have a gender and we are/encompass both genders at the same time.  It is not as weird as it may sound. The concept is just new, perhaps.

While a “spirit”, which is a little piece of the Original Creator Being, God the ONE, is incarnate walking terra forma we are incased in a house of flesh.  It gives us form and “substance”.  Spirit has no “substance”.  So to make this short I will just say it. There is a place on the other side where particles of “spirit” gather while waiting their next journey through space/time to walk terra forma.  This and that option for job we are supposed to do or the place we are to hold whole on the journey are available. The Lord God, creator of all that is and the owner and actual being of each particle of “spirit” decides which particle of “spirit” takes on this or that “job” or journey.

I saw it in a vision first then experienced it during my “grand tour”. There was a great cloud “up” is all I can say, high and lifted up, that looked like a human chest.  There was a tube that was fluted at the top and narrowed down to a tube or garden hose type shape much like the physical form of a tornado without the destructive aspect. The tube was joined to a woman on earth. The woman was pregnant with child.  This was a picture of the ethereal “birth canal”.   It is through this structure that “spirit” enters time space and is incarnated to terra forma/earth.  A womans “birth canal” that we recognize inside a female human body is the physical representation of the more true ethereal version of “birth”. Birth being the process whereby “spirit” passes through and is transformed from “spirit” to “body” we see in our every day life. Human babies cry at “birth” because this process is very painful.  The “spirit” that was is experiencing “pain” for the first time since this is the first instance to feel the stimulus of a physical body (unless this particle of “spirit” has gone through this “birth” process before and has experienced the 6 senses of the physical world previously) and it is dynamic.  In some cases, the particle of “spirit” was not entirely happy or in agreement with their assignment through time space and they fight the “birthing” transformation from “spirit” to physical.  So, their early cries are an actual protest for having to be here. We soon loose our memory of better places to make that pain bearable while we are here.

So, to quickly turn to the reason for this message.  When we are “conceived” in body here on earth in the sex act between a man and a woman, one of the “spirit” aspects is called up and prepared for the journey through the ethereal birth canal that looks a lot like a tornado. There is a war in the ethereal realm between Creator God, The ONE and the rebellion of Lucifer. Lucifer does everything he can to hijack that birthing process and capture the physical aspect being created to house the spiritual aspect.  Lucifer cannot “create” anything. At best he can “duplicate” or cut and paste something to produce a thing. I see in MSN where this and that strange new creature is being found here and there around the globe. I always think that is a poor physical aspect that has been subjected to Lucifer’s maniacal schemes and attempts at “creation”. They are always grotesque. 

This is where “abortion” comes in. Lucifer cannot “create” anything and does not have the permission of Creator God, the ONE to select spiritual aspects to come through the birthing process to form in earth so Lucifer and his minions have to steal what they can when they can from a body form that was sent here and for some reason did not thrive. So the bodies of the aborted babies are taken and inhabited by a force from Lucifer. Lucifer makes use of the physical aspect that was created even as the spiritual aspect is gathered back up into the other realm where it came from. So we are creating and supplying Lucifer with the army he is using against the angelic host in service to The Lord God, Creator God the ONE in heavenly places when we conceive and abort.

There have always been times when a man and a woman deeply in love and committed to each other find themselves “in a family way” and wished they were not. Sometimes the life of mom is in jeopardy. Sometimes they are at capacity to be able to provide for and feed the new “life”.  Sometimes there are addictive issues or sometimes one or the other parent is abusive.  These situations will continue. What we have been experiencing is a “sexual revolution”. I saw its beginning in elementary school to 4th and 5th graders when “Church” started “sexual education” telling the boys their penis would get hard and they could not stop it or control it so when it did, they were instructed to put it inside a girl, and she had no control or even say in the process. She was supposed to let it happen when the boy presented himself for the purpose of penetration. It was the sickest thing I have ever seen.  The proponents called it “sex education”. It had nothing to do with procreation. It was devised and pushed by the Rebellion of Lucifer so more and more “abortions” (flesh that is discarded) could happen to increase their supply for the final push in the war against The Lord God and the angelic host to end the rebellion. 

Those baskets of discarded flesh were picked up for many reasons, some for medical research as is being revealed now in the Roe v Wade supreme court event, but as many as could be negotiated were turned over to witches and warlocks in service to Satan.  The purpose for them was never to come and live a life. 

The whole “hook up” societal generations where “it is just sex” is a moniker came from the rebellion of Lucifer. I do not know if making abortion illegal will slow down the destructive practices set forth in public schools in the 1980s will be slowed down by making abortion illegal. I don’t happen to think that is the case. I am concerned that it will just increase the suffering of the woman who for whatever reason and however it happens finds herself impregnated carrying a human life in her body under adverse circumstances or unwanted.    Watching the US Supreme Court, I get the impression they are thinking it will push back the tsunami of moral decadence that apparently is rampant in these end times. I wish that were true, but I am a bit skeptical.  

To be learned by this message: 1 birth is not what we think it is.  2. gender is not what we think it is.  3 hooking up is not what we think it is. 4 abortion is for a specific purpose to serve the rebellion of Lucifer. 

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