Day 298 Climate change is real-it is a move of Creator GOD toward the end of days

Climate change is the symptom.

Nuclear bombs hitting mother earth over and over is one cause. We are killing our planet. Mother earth is dyeing because we are shooting her in the heart over and over. 

Chernobyl nuclear plant melt down in Russia was the direct hit.  People either were born after that event or have forgotten. We must remember.  Chernobyl nuclear plant suffered a catastrophic failure and melted down to the earths core a square city block wide.  Look it up. This is the death blow. The other bombs going off like North Korea arrogantly bombing the ocean and land is just afterkill to the original death blow.  We might be able to save ourselves but that nuclear bomb stuff must stop TODAY. Now and we must then go about doing our best to allow mother earth to heal and recuperate. 

The extra volcanic action is mother earth bleeding…….

The earth is spinning faster and faster scientists say…… ok. The center of gravity is moving.  The core is shifting. And I happen to believe this is Creator God the One shortening our days as promised or no one would survive. There would NOT be faith on earth when Jesus returns because no one would be here. 

I really am done with the people who run around spewing out “climate change” this and climate change that. They are chicken little screaming the sky is falling. Yes that is happening.  You can document it all you want. Just what are you doing to save the sinking ship?   Rome fiddled as it burned. Pompeii was in party season and many died with their drinks in their hand. We have been warned. Boys, it is time to stop playing war. We tried to stomp out nuclear war to save our planet.  It wasn’t a power play. We were not taking spoils. We wanted to save the planet……. from you. 

I say again. Every time one smallest nuclear blast is allowed to hit mother earth in any capacity any place any time we are killing the planet that has housed us for millennia. It is us.  We are doing it. Only we can stop it. The stupid ridiculous powerless ones that would divert our attention to the ozone layer and plastic bottles or spray cans are diverting your attention away from themselves so they can kill us with the nuclear bombs.  

Check it out for yourselves. 

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