Day 297 “I am not my own worst enemy”

Growing up and off and on through life I have heard someone say “You are your own worst enemy.”  I took that to mean I was being a clutz or batting around like a bull in a China closet causing havoc and chaos for myself because of a stupid I did.  That stupid not being bad personal choices, like drugs or murder.  You know, saying something stupid that someone else takes offense at and they take it on the road, spread it to their peeps and their peeps spread it more like a virus.  

I was not raised in a Christian denomination that used the books in the middle like Tobit. But, somehow when I bought this latest pocket-sized Bible it has those books in it and I decided to read them. Here in Tobit 12:10 is the basis and foundation for that old saying, “you are your own worst enemy” whether the person who says it knows it or not.  

Tobit 12:10  ….but those who commit sin and do wrong are their own worst enemy.”

I am not my own worst enemy. I have declared that into the heavens now. I have gone back and taken that curse off me for every time someone said it to me or around me. They are just mistaken.  You can do that too. And, if you are making bad choices for your life or following a bad crowd like a lemming, you can change how you do things for yourself and make better choices and get a better group of friends.  

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