Day 296 Church teaching of “mouth confession” a deception and a lie

The teaching of “mouth confession” as it was for me when growing up protestant church was that our mouth has the power to create. God is obligated to do what we say with our mouth.  I believe this came out of the teaching of the “power gifts” where everyone who prays the prayer asking Jesus to be their Lord and Savior gets one of the power gifts.  So then the battle begins to find which is the “best” power gift and claim it.  All of this is misguided and wrong.  

Not all true sons are endowed with a “power gift” as described in the New Testament.

If a true son does in fact have one of the “power gifts” then it is in fact a true gift and the giver, Creator God-the ONE, decides which gift to give. We do not.

Not having a power gift does not mean a person is not a true son. Having a “power gift” is not empirical evidence a person is in fact a true son and likewise not having a power gift does not mean that person missed the boat, was not worthy, is somehow rejected by Creator God, the ONE. 

Many of those in the struggle to discover their “gift” landed on “prophecy”.  It is true that a called and commissioned and empowered “prophet” of Creator God, The ONE carries the burden that what is spoken as the “word of God” creates a binding obligation on Creator God, the ONE.  This is misunderstood. It was best described to me by an Episcopalian Priest. He said to me, “I like my position better because I get to decide what I say in my sermons. YOU can only speak the words you hear coming out of the mouth of Creator.”  And therein lies the rub.  Any true prophet only speaks the word of God as a mouth piece a sounding board or a woofer/tweeter type speaker.  The reason Creator God is obligated is because it is the exact words of Creator God spoken through the physical aspects of one born into time space.  Anything else spoken by someone incarnate is their own words and they fall to the ground. No power. No authority. We are told in the Old Testament not to fear that one. They are a false prophet. 

So what does that say for all the multitudes of new “Christians” who just prayed a prayer and think they suddenly have the power of creation in their words?  It is a lie.  There is only ONE entity that creates.  That entity does create by voice through “the word of GOD”, an actual created being/aspect of the creator entity.    The Word of God is a real being instead of something said out of someone’s mouth.  What you utter out of your mouth is not “the word of God”.  It is blasphemy at best so save yourself and stop it. 

With all that said, there is an aspect of “mouth confession” that is real and does wield some power. It is the power of positive thinking. Speaking positive words does change the atmosphere around the one speaking good things and carrying good will in their hearts and soul can bring light into this dark world.  It is the difference between the beautiful sounds of a skilled orchestra and someone scraping a chalk board with their fingernails.   We do have some influence on how our day is going to go and how our lives will unfold before us. This is not an actual creation event. It is a choice we make that is given to us as part of our free will.  There are two doors before each of us, LIFE and death……. Choose Life.

To those who go around thinking they are “creating” when they speak I say that is witchcraft and control.  You are getting any power you think you wield or experience from a demon who is using you and your body for their own diabolical purposes. You are worshipping a demon and you are in service to Satan. 

A true son has learned abiding.  Abiding is the new creature in Christ spoken of by some pastors.  The new creature has been transformed from the death of the rebellion into the new creature without sin/separation and can abide in LIFE again like it was before the fall of Lucifer.  The abiding is what Creator God is seeking and what is behind all of this drama for the second creation. Creator God is seeking to save all of the essence of LIFE that was lost in the rebellion. It is the desire of Creator God that none of the original essence be lost that set all this drama we see today in the news in motion. It is a sorting, sifting of the wheat from the chaff. 

Who will you be?

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