Day 295: Control and the identity of the control spirit

Control, the desire to control, any act to “take control” is directly straight from Lucifer and the rebellion. Any spirit, any thought, any action to control is demonic in nature, direct sin against the most Holy Creator God, the ONE.  Control is idol worship.  The whole concept “to take control” is born in the heart of Lucifer.  Lucifer had it all. This angel was the crowning glory epitome of the first creation with the ideal job of covering the throne and emitting beautiful music in worship to Almighty Creator.  But arrogance boiled up in the heart of Lucifer and desired to “take control”, to steal the identity of Creator, and be creator better than Creator could.  Control comes out of what is not demanding desiring to be what is and then taking action to steal what they are not and possess what is to wield the power that which is not perceives is “controlled” by what is.  The only power that what is possesses is the power to BE. That which is not can never be.  Lucifer abandoned his perfection to take on imperfection and fall from abiding to that which is not. The desolation and emptiness of the new position belches up jealousy and jealousy birthed the desire to control that which is lost and can never be attained again.  

There is a movement among the “Church”/the “faithful”/religion being heralded from pulpits worldwide to “take control of your life”.  This is directly opposite of what Jesus said. Jesus said, “to gain your life, you must lose it”.  

I grew up in a protestant denomination.  I consider myself “faithful”.  Seeing just how far from truth the organization where we should be able to gather together and gain strength from one another has departed is sad for me.  

The new creation is abiding.  Abiding is to BE.  That which IS cannot and will not take on that which is not.  The perfect state of the new creation spoken of by Jesus of Nazareth is the state of ABIDING in LIFE of Creator, The ONE.  

No control allowed. 


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