A memory that keeps coming back to me over and over through time is a picture of me as a little girl under the age of 3 in my moms big country kitchen with my lower lip all pouched out and defiance in my eyes screaming at my sister, “He is MY GOD NOT YOUR GOD”.   

It is written, “do not judge the servant of another”.  We absolutely cannot tell another person how they are to relate to the One Creator G-D.  Creator is bigger than our minds can comprehend. It is written “our ways are higher than your ways”.  We all have the same Creator. Creator holds the rank and title of G-D. Creator does not need to be “God” because creator is Creator.  

There is another story I was told growing up.  It is a basic story used in philosophy classes.  There were 3 scientists looking at an elephant. They had never seen an elephant before. They were looking at the elephant through magnifying glasses getting information to define what they had just discovered.  One scientist was looking at the trunk and defined an elephant as a long cylindrical tube.  The second scientist was looking at one of the ears and said an Elephant has wings much like a bird to fly.  The third scientist was looking at the legs and body of the elephant and defined the elephant as a great massive animal and likened it to a tree like the great and mighty oak tree. 

All three of these scientists were good. All three were well known and respected in the science community. They were making the best observations they could and defining “the elephant” from the data they collected.  But they did not have the whole picture. They were seeing a tiny section of the whole.

None of us were raised by the same families, in the same location, at exactly the same time. We are all working from the training and background we have.  Creator God put us there. Creator God made us what we are. Creator God put the obstacles and open doors in front of each one of us individually.  How we each as an individual relate to our ONE Creator G-d is individual to ourselves. Not one of us can say to another “he is my GOD not yours”. Creator is GOD to all of us. How we choose to relate to OUR personal CREATOR is individual and personal. No one can judge the servant of another.

To all of us out there who consider we have an inside scoop with God and have the real deal place with him going on……… are deceived. We are deceived in that each and every one of us who know and believe there is Creator God has the inside scoop with Creator for ourselves. Stop looking at the path of another. Stop trying to proselytize your neighbor your friend your spouse your child to be a clone of who you are.  You will be taking them off track for the path Creator has set for them. 


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