Day 310 I am being asked to say more about “gaslighting”. Here are some thoughts.

I have a college degree in education and taught in the public schools for a while.  From that perspective, in my experience, many or most of you who were educated in the public schools have been taught that what you see on the screen in your computer is more reliable than your own brain and your own ability to think and reason.  This is only one of the reasons I stopped teaching in the public schools.  

It was the sacred duty of schools and educators to teach us the tools we need to think for ourselves and reason out truth and right.  But, in the “information age” that followed the greatest generations we ended up dumbing down our children to the point they do not even know how to sign their own signature. I am deeply grieved by this.

What we did is set our children up to be at the mercy of whomever or whatever is putting the stuff on the screen in front of them.  I can only imagine the panic and rage felt when one realizes that stuff they are looking at on the screen is just a bunch of hogwash and they do not have the tools and never learned to trust their own abilities to think and reason. What is a person supposed to do?  How terrifying it must be to suddenly be cut adrift like freefalling in a world they cannot trust and cannot decipher for themselves.  No wonder teen suicides were on the rise for so long. No wonder so many adults are in depression and on Anti-depressives.   We have allowed our children to be hamstrung and then told them to go win the race. 

So. What to do about that?

If you find yourself in this situation. First, take a deep breath.  God is still in his Holy Heaven. You still have all the faculties and facilities he gave you when you were born.  All is NOT lost. I suggest you take it one step at a time. Take baby steps. Pick a simple and long time agreed on provable fact and stick to it.  Do not let anyone shake you from it. If you see someone questioning that long time agreed upon provable fact then run from them. Do not confront them. Do not approach them. Forget about them. Do not try to save them. They are from their father Lucifer and their entire reason for being created is to deceive you into serving Satan.

Pick an easy fact. Say 1 + 1 = 2.   

Yes. I have had math professors say…..”how do you know 1 + 1 = 2?  What if it equals 4 or 24?   I was in a graduate education course at a major university. This was to be the “new math”……….   First it is important to know the basics fact agreed upon by all to real math before you start speculating what if.  

Much of this existential science and physics is no longer based in fact. It is a product of someone’s imagination. They make something up and then go about finding a way to prove their theory. That is backwards.  We should be exploring our world and finding new things and then discovering how it works here in time space and what it means to us. 

I want to encourage all of you who are just starting out on this journey back to what is real and deciding to rely on your own mental capacities God gave you to think for yourselves. It is a difficult thing to do.  It is difficult at times even for me who grew up knowing and believing I had a mind and could thing and being trained to use my brain and trust my own conclusions.  I am tested daily. Sometimes the vindication comes slowly.  Sometimes we have to stand in the face of multitudes of people saying the exact opposite and still we have to stick to what we know is real.  

For instance. If you know you have brown eyes and someone starts saying to you your eyes are turning green. And the community takes it up and starts remarking how your eyes are turning green. Maybe it is reported in the evening news to the world. So many multitudes of people say your eyes are turning green. It is the consensus of the community. Then your mother says to you what are you doing to make your eyes turn green. And you look in the mirror and they are still brown. You do not know of anything you are doing to make your eyes turn green. You have never heard of that happening. Do not know if that is even possible.  You must stick to what you know. Your eyes are brown.  

There is another ditch here to mention. It is possible to become pig headed about a thing.  These are not base facts usually. Usually they are conclusions someone has come to.  For instance, taking one political way of thinking over another or going to this church is better than going to that church.  These things are choices a person makes for themselves, and one is not better than the other for all people.  

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