Day 3 on the road home. “You are the only one”

Recently at work it was demonstrated twice that everyone else, all 99 of them, always know everything that is going on…… and I do not. I am the only one who does not know even the important things that affect me and my job. I am the only one. 

A state director even spit in my face “you can go stand alone on a hill and get crucified if you want to.” He is a practicing Catholic. Raised in church. And even he surprisingly made a reference to Jesus of Nazareth who IS THE ONLY ONE. 

There is ONE creator GOD, ONE Lord, ONE kingdom, ONE sacrifice for all……the many. ONE.

As we walk toward the day the sky rolls back like a scroll and we see clearly, there will be many times we are called to stand alone. We will be the only ONE. Ruin and devastation versus joining the masses and having luxury as seen here on planet earth.  Get ready for the choice you will make. Prepare yourself for what you will do. Cement it in your mind will and emotions.  Very few will make it through.  The consequences are LIFE or death……… to your immortal soul. 

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