Day 4: On the road home-“sin” is not a thing you do-it is the state of being cut off from CREATOR GOD

Let’s talk about “sin”.  It is all over the internet right now. Stories about “10 things the Bible says are “sin” and you are already doing” . 

The real working definition of “sin” is the human condition since Lucifers rebellion. “Sin” is the state of being cut off from CREATOR GOD. It is written in the Bible, “All have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God”.  It is even more dynamic than that. When Lucifer rebelled and Creator God judged the Angel and threw the angel and all other entities that followed Lucifer in the delusion he was better than Creator and could do a better job at Creation that Creator God out of “L I F E” into the darkness of the abyss, the condition “sin” or separated from LIFE became.  All of us who are “born of a woman” are “sin”.  We are separated from Creator GOD because we are “born” into time/space, the boundaries or “prison” that Creator GOD did create to house Lucifer and his followers, angels and true sons alike, until they could be sorted out and shaken so the very last thought or whim of rebellion is found and eradicated.  

Since “sin” is the condition of being separated or cast out of L I F E. “Sin” is the condition of being death. No L I F E in it.  The only remedy for being death is “the new life”. Jesus of Nazareth became “born of a woman” in order to and with the mission of the sacrificial lamb, the expiation of time/space from the sentence of Lucifer to separation from LIFE.  It is the blood of Jesus of Nazareth that Creator GOD has ordained for themselves to heal the separation the breech causes by Lucifers rebellion so we can be in full fellowship with CREATOR GOD again.  GOD can see us and talk to us and abide with us again because the blood of the sacrificial lamb, Jesus of Nazareth, covers us. Creator GOD sees the blood instead of our condition of being separate.  When that happens the One called HOLY, the Angel that led the wars against the forces of Lucifer rebelling against Creator GOD, takes off the garments of death and clothes us with new LIFE.  The “filthy rags” are taken from us and we are given a new LIGHT body. A new LIGHT garment. We are no longer “naked and ashamed”.   

The miracle of this is that once we have the death of Lucifers rebellion removed from us, we loose the desire for “sin”.  “Sin” does not rule us or control us. WE become free. Jesus said “Death where is your sting.” And it is written “those who live and believe in expiation of “sin” by the blood of the sacrificial lamb provided for us by Creator God herself, “SHALL NEVER DIE“. In other words, we have become LIFE again and death/sin the condition of being separate from the giver of all life will never happen again.  You can step into LIFE and be transformed by the renewing of your mind but the road back is blocked. If the transformation is real then it is permanent. None of this waffling back and forth. The ones waffling back and forth never were transformed in the first place.  The transformation is a gift and a choice from Creator GOD. An election from Creator. 

There are fewer and fewer and less of us who are transformed as we walk to the day when the sky rolls back like a scroll.  

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