Day 13 On the road home: test every spirit

We are admonished in the Bible to test every spirit.  I grew up thinking that meant the ethereal kind of spirit to see if it is the Holy Spirit or a familiar spirit. It means much more than that in these last days. Every person who you know and you encounter is potentially not who you think they are. The real person you knew and expected could have given up the ghost and gone home and the thing presenting itself to you is nothing of that person. Imagine how hard it is to pick up on that. Now think about all the strangers you encounter on a daily basis. This is the situation where Jesus admonishes us to test every spirit. Test each and every person  you encounter on a daily basis whether you know them for the first time or whether they are your life partner/spouse.  

I am used to doing this. I always thought I was pretty good at it. Like I had another sense that told me when this or that was dangerous.  Lately it is failing me. In fact I have just been called a Pollyanna.  I had to look that up. It means someone who is excessively positive, a person who expects good to happen instead of bad. I earned that because I am failing miserably at reading people. I think I am bonding with a true son and so far without exception, I am wrong. It is devastating and is costing me everything. 

I do not want to fall into that negative place where everyone is bad. Everyone lies and is lieing to me. Everyone is misrepresenting who they are. No ones word can be trusted. Quite frankly I do not know what else to do.  The betrayal after betrayal after betrayal is taking a tole on me. I would despair and sink into depression and quit except I have been caught up to the new realm to walk with the man in white linen. I know it exists. My faith is by sight. I have seen and experienced it. I thank Creator of all that is I was given this great gift to keep me going in the face of tyranny and betrayal.  I know all of you are facing the same thing because we are promised nothing will happen to us that is not common to all of us.  I can only hope that my personal testimony and witness that Creator GOD is real. The river of life is real. The man in white linen is real. Keep going. 



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