Day 12 On the Road Home: Father Father Why hast thou forsaken me? The will to go on……………….

This picture of the Son of God hanging on the cross and Creator God turning away from him at the peak the very time Jesus was performing the job he was sent into time/space to perform has baffled me until this morning. I did not know what to do with it.  But this morning I am reminded that every little thing written in the Bible is there for us as instruction.  This picture of Jesus on the cross with Creator turning away may be the most dynamic of all lessons.  We are facing that very thing now. Here at the end of everything we the true sons are hanging on this and that cross.  It looks like evil has won. And maybe for the second in “time” evil has won. Evil has been able to defeat the true son to the level that has them hanging on that cross made by evil specifically for them. It looks like all is lost. 

Not so. 

It was at this second Jesus of Nazareth was in his strongest glory.  This act of killing Jesus is what loosed him to go to the place Satan abided that we know as hell and end him. Jesus was able to perform the task of ending Satan and his reign of terror.  Jesus completed his task. Won the battle and ended the war between good and evil. Jesus was able to do that because he knew in the depth of his knowing who he was and why he was sent into time space. Nothing shook him from that.  We may call it faith. Faith is the belief in things not seen. Jesus of Nazareth was driven by what he knew and experienced on a daily basis. This power was not “faith”. So I was sent here in time/space to die on a surgeons table at the hands of evil so I could be caught up into the heavens and walk and talk with the man in white linen, see the many mansions prepared for us and know experientially that it is true. This is not faith. This is experience. I have been there. It is real. Creator GOD the ONE is real. The job we were sent here to perform is real. We are going home.

What I never understood was why Creator GOD turned away from Jesus on the cross.  I know today. It was because of the intense pain searing through the body of the creator to see his son, and experience the cross through his son. That pain was ravaging the body of LIFE.  So creator took all the pain of us to come.  At that event of taking all our pain creator appeared to Jesus to have “forsaken” him. Not possible. Because Creator was hanging on that cross with Jesus of Nazareth in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. Just like when we are facing what ever cross evil has planned for us today….. Creator GOD is present there abiding in us.  Suffering with us and for us.  We are the temple where Creator Abides.  

Today I impart to you to the highest level and strength I poses from my trip to the new creation the power of experiencing Creator GOD in truth. CREATOR GOD IS REAL. THE NEW CREATION IS REAL. 

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