Day 11: On the road home. Sharing what it is like in the New Heaven and New Earth

Yes. I died here in time space and was caught up to the 7th heaven where the Man in white linen stays and abides with the keys to creation. It is my job to say to all who will hear and listen that it is real. Everything is real. Literally everything.

1. The “stars” are real and they are live beings not just masses of rocks racing through void.

2. The “planets” are real and they are live beings not just masses of rocks racing through void.

3. The “walking dead” or “ghosts” are real. They have “highways” across earth they walk. I will relate a story about that from Montana in another writing.

4. Pandora’s box was not just a good poem. It was an observation of fact. When Jesus of Nazareth was crucified he “took a host of captives” and put them in a “box” where they were kept until our day, the last days of this space time continuum. As it is written, and as the poem goes, Pandora’s box is opened and all those negative spirits and entities that were house in the hell that was hot before Jesus came after the crucifixion were loosed. Yes they are walking among us. Yes they have evil intent.  Yes it is a sign of the times. Yes there is an entry of Lucifer’s minions on October 31 and Yes November 1 is all saints day when we are to counter them.

5. Yes we have “extraterrestrials” among us.  They are gathering for the great conflagration and the revealing of the SON and the sky rolling back like a scroll. 

Basically, all those things we have been superstitious about and did not want to allow to be real or think about are real and common in time space.  Allow yourself to ask the question, “What if that was real? What would that mean to me? What could I do about it? What would Creator do for me? What supply do I have from Creator to deal with these things?”

We will talk more in the days to come as I write her. 

The Theresa

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