Day 10: Instructions for the road home-“I didn’t want any of that on me.”

I recently had a person who would probably call themselves “Christian” say to me, “I didn’t want any of that on me.”  She was speaking of an evil I am facing off with currently. The evil is a demonic being of some strength. Probably either a principality or power and comes from India. Has planted itself here in the area where I live and the church here is powerless and helpless to do anything about it. That is the topic of my discussion today. 

Did you know it is written the Angels look at the true sons and marvel because we are soooo much more powerful and endowed than they are and yet we call on them for help. We should be empowering them and strengthening them.  

So how is it this god or goddess from the pagan world in India, a Hindu entity, has the moxy to even show it self around a true son? 

WE GIVE IT PERMISSION. THE STRENGTH OF THIS HINDU DEMON IS THAT WE THE TRUE SONS GIVE IT PERMISSION TO TRIBULATE US. That is the only way this Hindu based demon could even show itself. The church here is pathetic and without any real information about how to fight a spiritual battle. The legal courts here are shaking in their boots at the spectacle. And the true sons turn their backs saying “I am not going to get into that. I do not want any of that on me.” In other words, they do not want to draw the attention of this Hindu demon or its minions who do its bidding on themselves.  We should be binding that thing eyes, hands, ears, mouth, feet, nose, in this world and all worlds and times and spaces and existences. When properly bound we should cast that Hindu demon into the pit of fire underneath the throne of Creator God and ask the angels to transport it there and seal it up so it never is loosed again.  We have that power. We have that authority. And Creator GOD is pleased to do when we do.  



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