Day 9 The road home-what to do when justice dies………..

I see it in the headlines how justice and our constitution take hit after hit and wonder how we have stooped so low in America.  Of course the answer is we are living in the time of the Biblical tribulation. Not the “great tribulation” the last 7 years. This is Israel’s final week. We are in the 70 years tribulation outlined in the book of Revelation in the Bible. I saw justice die in a very personal way in my own life yesterday. All saints day 2023.  

As a way of comfort, I am reminded of Jesus of Nazareth standing before Pontius Pilot who knew he was innocent and literally washed his hands of the situation and said this is on you. Meaning the people in front of him demanding he crucify Jesus in the place of the confessed murderer. And Pilot gave the order to crucify Jesus anyway.  

In a small way I saw that yesterday and experienced the judgment and the sentence from a person who I am SURE considers himself a Christian but sat there knowing TRUTH and JUSTICE and the right thing to do but said out his mouth he finds for the liars and the rental scams and the bait and switch ship shifters. My rights were completely ignored.  

In fact when she was accusing me of ridiculous made up fabrications of me hiring a hit person to come to her house and drive into her drive way to run over her with a truck the judge said “she can do anything she wants here.”  

Justice took a hike. The gods and goddesses of India declared a victory and the great IAM Creator of all that is… creator of the gods and goddesses in India…… took a back seat. I think it is because the cup of wrath is not completely filled. We are just in the beginnings of the birth pangs of the new creation. 

There was a song on the radio that said “the day the music died”.  Yesterday justice died. Somebody write a song or ballad about that. 

As for instruction how to deal with the death of justice as it comes to you in your individual lives, We WIN. In fact Jesus has already WON.  I have been there. Jesus has prepared a place for us with perfect peace and rest abiding in LIFE of Creator GOD.  None of this matters. It will disappear at his coming like the paid of childbirth is not remembered when mom hears her babies cry for the first time.  Gone like it never happened. And in reality, it never did. Let that strengthen you and get you up in the morning to fight another day. 


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