Day 18 On the road home: The role of the prophet in the tribulation

True commissioned prophets of Creator GOD holding the office and position of prophet are in constant communication with Creator to hear every word uttered and speak what they hear when they are told to speak. In like manner, when the mouth of a true office prophet of Creator GOD is shut, no words can come out of their mouth no matter how much they want to speak.  True prophets commissioned by Creator GOD  in the tribulation are not prognosticators or mediums.   

True office prophets of Creator GOD can only defend themselves when they are attacked from an outside source. True office prophets cannot go out on the offensive. 

As we walk deeper into Israel’s last week, the last 70 years of this creation, a word from The Lord God will become more and more scarce as it becomes years between them.  This is a crisis of faith. A test of who is real and who is playing at church or religion.  It is the role of the prophets in this hour to be witness to the people that Creator GOD is alive and well and in the holy heavens large and in charge. Jesus of Nazareth looking at our day said, “will there be faith on earth at my return?”  There are many lessons in the Bible about the long night.  King Saul got impatient with the prophet Samuel who was delayed and went to a medium to get a reading.  The Israelites were in the wilderness 40 years. Israel has been carrying Tora (truth) for millennium keeping traditions alive to keep faith alive. In our day to day lives we endure a lapse between demand and supply as boot camp training for the big test when Creator God goes silent. The true prophet will be a beacon of light with the message God is not dead.  Hold fast to what you have been given. 

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