Day 19 On the road home: A Biblical definition of Iniquity

 When Creator God is destroying a nation because of its “iniquity”, the word “iniquity” is a type of sin that involves a conscious decision to hurt someone else. I really do not understand how supposedly good churched Christians can get it in their heart to hurt another human being or a cat or a horse or a tree or anything and convince themselves they are righteous and even in some delusional states doing it for GOD.  NO. Stop it. This is a sin with time/space consequences and when Creator GOD does judge it is without remedy and it is written his wrath does not abate. His fury is insatiable. We are admonished to judge not that we be not judged, but how far down that pit is judging, being jury, and executioner all at the same time.  We do not get to exact one ounce of revenge. Revenge belongs to Jesus of Nazareth.  Do not touch it. We can only defend ourselves when confronted with someone whose intent is to do us harm.  

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