Day 178 Jesus asked, “Would you like to have some fun?” continued…

Author’s Note: I am not sure how I got off track with the book. This is the next segment after the introduction to Chapter 26. My apologies to those of you who wanted to know what happened with Jesus and Me in ancient Israel poised to strike down the Ashera poles. Here it is.

Jesus handed me a mallet much like a sledge hammer my grandpa had on the farm. Then he smashed the first Ashera Pole. We laughed together. I smashed a pole and we ran to the next pole and the next pole smashing Ashera poles laughing and frolicking all the way. 

Then he took my hand and gently led me. I became aware we were back in the long enclosed circular path like tube. We were walking and talking as we moved along at a normal pace.

Sometimes on the way back he would stop and release a person from prison but this part of our trip through the time portal was all about me. My next leg to my journey. Jesus told me that the remaining Ashera poles in ancient Israel had been the power base for the witches and warlocks and other purveyors of magical powers against the true sons of The Lord G-D in the last days of time.

Now the Ashera poles had at last been destroyed. The current day witches have no power. No power base. Nothing available to them to actually do harm to the Lord G-Ds true sons. All they can do is harass. 

They can deceive many into believing they have power and by the belief from many some of their chantings and curses have some small effect. Hear me now. It is the belief coming from the one who is being targeted that makes their efforts have any effect. At that moment the person believes that one facing off with them has any power they have begun to “worship” them. They have walked off into idol worship. Since we are the captains of our own souls, if we believe that one who is not god or a god has power over us then we give them that power which they seek and claim. They did not have any power over us before. We gave it to them. Do not do do this. And do not despair if you do. This is easily defeated by the blood of the Lamb of the Lord G-D, the Christ and the testimony of His saints. Their power is defeated and any damages are restored.

Jesus chose to honor me taking me with him to finally do the will of Creator G-D, the ONE and rid Israel of the Ashera Poles finally and completely defeating Jezebel and Ashera.

Glory be to the Lord G-D and the Son. Hallelulia! Yes and Amen.

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