Day 177 The Holy Grail

8The idea Mary Magdalene was the woman with 7 demons and then later that she was the woman at the well who was a harlot were both schemes by the first beast, the church, to discredit Mary and confuse the truth of G-Ds plan for redemption through Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Yeshua Ha Mashiach.

The Knights Templar were commissioned to protect the family line and the truth about Mary Magdalene and her marriage to Jesus including the true identity of the Madonna Mary Magdalene in the Heavenlies. This is “the secret”. This is the “treasure” the Knights Templar found that made the Vatican give them a special prelature. Knowing the true identity of “the holy grail” is the treasure that made the Knights Templar rich. The truth of the royal blood line is what gave the Templars their power. This is why they became dangerous to Vatican City. This is why Vatican City declared war on the Templars. This is the truth that caused the “church” to call for and support the “crusades”.  Mary Magdalene is the golden chalice of the Lord G-D. Mary Magdalene is the holy grail. The Chalice is her womb. The womb of Mary Magdalene carried the physical child of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of G-D.  This is the “secret” the Knights Templar and the Masonic Lodges 32nd level holds. The time for her to be revealed is now. She is vindicated. She is glorified. Those who are true sons can be revealed. Man can be delivered from the deceptions of the dragon and his beasts.

Jesus made provision for the earthly kingdom. He passed the job of keeping the earthly kingdom intact to his wife, Mary Magdalene, at the last supper. The meal widely known as “the last supper” was a Seder. A Seder is the family meal all Jewish families observe on Passover in remembrance of The Lord G-Ds deliverance at the Exodus from Egypt. The last supper celebrated by Christianity was a Seder. Mary Magdalene, the wife of Jesus, sits on the right hand of Jesus throughout the meal. She is the cup of Christ. The cup of Christ is the womb of Mary Magdalene. The womb of Mary Magdalene is the Chalice of G-D. The Chalice of G-D is the Holy Grail is the womb of Mary Magdalene. In her womb she carries the second adam of the new heaven and new earth. The new heaven and the new earth is embodied/incarnated in the child born Jesus, the Christ of G-D, and Mary Magdalene his wife, the embodiment/incarnation of Lilith. Mary is either with child at the time of the last supper or Jesus impregnates her in those few hours before he is taken prisoner or during the 40 days he walked the earth after his resurrection before his ascension into heaven. The point is Mary was pregnant when Jesus was crucified. Mary Magdalene did give birth to the physical daughter of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, and she named her Sarah.

Jesus left the earthbound kingdom of The Lord G-D in the hands of Mary Magdalene, his wife. Mary Magdalene left the earth bound kingdom of the Lord G-D in the hands of Jesus daughter, Sarah. Mary and Sarah were to carry on the work of turning the hearts of the children back to the Father after Jesus ascended. This is one reason why the Jesus trace their race through their mothers. You are considered Jewish if your mom was Jewish. 


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