Day 278 Lets talk about the evangelical teaching of “binding and loosing”

There are verses in the New Testament that basically say, “Whatever you bind on earth in my name will be bound in Heaven.” and again, “Whatever you loose on earth in my name will be loosed in Heaven”.  I have been, at times, one who sits around binding and loosing everything I can think of.  I do not do that anymore. Partly because the word in scripture is true and has great effect.  It is the word of Jesus. So consequently, when you choose to invoke his name, the name of Jesus, you better be absolutely positively without a doubt certain you are for sure binding what Jesus wants to have bound and loosing what Jesus wants to be loosed or YOU WILL BE GUILTY OF TAKING THE LORDS’ NAME IN VAIN. THIS IS A PRIME EXAMPLE OF TAKING THE LORDS NAME IN VAIN. NO ONE WHO DOES THIS WILL BE HELD GUILTLESS IN THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT.

I find myself in a situation right now that I would love to get into an old habit and bind a multitude and loose the gates of Heaven on them……… but that would be wrong.  For one thing, the hosts of Heaven (the angels in service to Creator G-d the ONE) are a little busy right now ushering out this creation and carrying us to the next creation. Yes, they are for sure not stuck in time. So they are not bound by our earth days to get this done.  Never the less, their to do list is quite long and we need to let them get to it and get us out of here.  

The real issue is that I am no longer 100% convinced that I can be completely sure I am always binding the right thing and loosing the right thing when I get the urge go at it so I might mess up and “take the name of the Lord in vain”.  It is not worth it.  There are other much better avenues open to us to get the same or better result that does not include the possibility of “taking the name of the Lord in vain” and its consequences.  

For example, we can “bless our enemy and pour coals of fire on their head”.  We can take a deep breath and make sure we are not acting in haste out of rage. We can check our selves and confirm what we have in mind is in line with the teachings and life of Jesus of Nazareth before we proceed to do a bunch of it using his name with binding and loosing. 

Just be careful out there. 

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