Day 301 Living in fear

We are actually commanded in scripture to not fear.  Up until recently I had thought that meant do not fear “the boogy man” or the phrase “what you fear comes upon you” but that fear the Lord God is telling us to stay away from is much more invasive than that.  The Lord God tells us “I have not given you a spirit of fear”.  Meaning any spirit that comes upon us to attach to us that instills fear in us in NOT from Creator God the ONE. Ok. That is elementary it seems, but how could that be played out in our every day life?  

Any time  you do not move forward with something you need to do and the phrase “I better not do that because I am afraid……… ” this or that will happen, that is the spirit of fear The Lord God is talking about and we are commanded not to live like that.

It sneaks up on a person. You can think you are doing the right thing, being cautious or frugal, or just making sense.  I am talking about not driving your car because you might have a wreck, run out of gas, or the engine light might come on. Then what?  

I am not talking about deciding not to take illicit drugs or drink excessive alcohol or touch a hot stove because there are consequences for those actions. That is proper thinking to take care of yourself. 

The simple day to day chores and events can become a prison if we allow them to be directed by fear of this or that thing that might happen.  Move forward with confidence you are able to meet and defeat anything that comes your way “through Christ Jesus who strengthens me”.  

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