Day 26: On the Road Home: I owe you all an apology. I have let my personal struggles get in the way of serving you here. Please forgive

I have for the last few decades been walking earth with just me and Jesus together alone. I have said of this time Me and Jesus make a majority. He has been often times carrying me and often times leading me by the hand.  I would not be alive today or even have a place to live or food to eat without that.  It was during this time that the One Called Holy Penned the book “The Original Identity Theft” which is published here on this blog through my hand…. There was 10 years between the original 7-10 days it took for me to hear the word and write it down that became the early 157 pages of the book and the final rendering you can find here in the early publications of this blog.  

I went without a group of believers for me to call home for many years. I traveled through the synagogue world for about a decade. And had for the past 7 or 8 years just been me and Jesus walking together.

A few weeks ago, Jesus turned to me and said, “It is time for you to find a group here on earth where you can belong.”  I was shocked. Why?  We had been doing ok with just the two of us. 

Jesus said, “We are at the place in time where the ones on the outskirts and the low hanging fruit and those who distance or are exiled will be picked off. You must find a group and become one of the ones right in the middle of what is going on with that group.”  

That was a hard saying for me and I had no idea how it was going to happen. As usual with our LORD he never asks us to do anything he has not supplied what we need to do it.  Through a series of events I would from earth eyes say was attacks from Satan, I have been led to my current home, my neighbors all come to visit me, one took me to her church that first Sunday, and it is the family of believers I have been longing for and searching for. It is the place where My Lord Jesus wants me to be right in the middle of what is going on with this peoples.  

In a recent teaching, we were directed to take a look at our walk with the Christ and His God and Father and see if there is anything we are lacking in what we are expected to do or any disobedience or any place where we miss the mark.

This place where I bring to you the directives and supplies from God our Father for His children on this last leg home came to mind immediately. It is my JOB to be diligent here and bring you news and directions on at least a daily basis. I am sorry I have not been doing that in recent days. What I know of Creator GOD is that HE already knew that would happen and HE has just in HIS time put this together so it works out for HIS good and the good of HIS children.

We also have a training on forgiveness.  I am asking each of you to forgive me for not being here every morning on a daily basis until now.  I am committed to being her and talking with you every morning at my quiet time with Creator God until my computer wears out or I do not have access to the internet or something like that prevents me from getting to you. So I am asking right now and believing that Creator GOD will supply what I need to be faithful to him in his service to you.

The Theresa

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