Day 27 On the Road home: I said I would be here every morning and I am here

I do not have any great revelations for you.  This is pure obedience to Jesus Christ our Lord.  What I am hearing today since late last night is “people are scared.” While it is true it is written God has not given us a spirit of fear, the feeling in our gut we are in danger can be important to pay attention to. It sets off endorphins in our body, puts us in a defensive mode to withstand whatever is confronting us. A “spirit” of fear would be depression, anxiety, mental anguish, obsessive compulsive behaviors, phobias, etc.  

I want to say that I am a person, human being, just like you. I am flawed. I make mistakes. I walk with Jesus just like you.  I am working on myself right now. The big thing in my life is forgiveness and finding a way to forgive.  I am even struggling with the definition of forgiveness and what it is that GOD says we have to do and what is not expected of us.  My journey is much like your journey. We can go together. 

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