Day 1

We are going home. I have been there. It is real. This is not my first blog. I was blogging under morningstar-truth around 2010. I stopped because I read somewhere HaSatan was the “morning star”. I did not want to be saying one thing in behalf of the enemy of Creator G-D. I have since figured out there is another one and true who is the bright and morning star. I am happy to write morningstar-truth. In the years I have been silent the one called Holy has written a book at my hand. It is finished. I will publish it here on a daily basis. The book explains what happened between Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning G-D” and Gensisis 1:2 “And the earth was without form and void.” These are the opening statements of the Jewish texts. In the space between those two phrases all things are revealed. Time, Evolution, Life, Light, Creation (all 3 of them) where we are in time and our journey home. This is day 1 of the last events of our journey home.


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