Day 3

Genesis 1:1 tells us in the beginning G-D. G-D, CREATOR the ORIGINAL BEING was and is a uniquely singleton way to be. The original being was and is ONE. One being. One presence. One essence.  One Spirit. ONE.

The original being, the ONE Creator G-D, initiated the act of creation through thought formed in her being. Thought is not the power or ability or authority for creation. Thought is the genesis of VOICE. Voice is the power, the energy of creation, manifested through the Word of G-D. The Word of G-D is the instrument of creation. 

Genesis 1:3 And God said, “Let there be Light.”

The first dawn of light appeared when Creator G-D, the original being, the ONE manifested light by giving voice to thought manifest through the Word “Let there be Light” And there was light.

Light is the alive vibrating pulsating aspect of the Original ONE Creator G-D. Light is an the essence of Creator G-D. Instead of us created beings experiencing light as thought inside the body of the ONE, Creator G-D put thought into action through VOICE and spoke Light into being through The Word. 

Not one dot. Not one tittle of G-D essence can be lost.


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