Day 64 Eve and Lilith

The Lord G-D does not make junk. When the Lord G-D made Even out of Adam’s rib and Adam received her with joy as bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh, he help meet, it was finished. The Lord G-D did not throw out the first model and try again. 

The Jewish Talmud theory is also problematic because creator G-D set up humankind and adamah/dust/Adam persons in a two paring. One man one woman. Jewish tradition likes to have men take as many wives as they can afford. There were many reasons for this. King Solomon is said to have had more than a thousand women in his harem. None of this means Adam had more than one wife. 

Lilith was humankind created through thought by voice manifest by The Word of G-D was carrying an incorruptible seed. The Lord G-D manifest the third creation through Lilith. The multiplication she was to birth was not part of the rebellion. No death in it. 

The Lord G-D separated Lilith from Adam and Even in the Garden after the fall of man to reserve the child she carried as pure and holy. Holy means separate or perhaps hidden. The man child Lilith bears in the dessert is the second Adam, king of the new creation. The Bible says The Lord G-D  provided for the woman in the dessert for a time. This woman was Lilith.

Lilith was vilified by those who were themselves in service to the red dragon as being the purveyor of death! She has been called “dark moon Lilith” in literature. I guess if she birthed the one who is going to end you so you never existed, you might think of her as making your death a reality.

Baby is born. Death and the rebellion is over.

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