Day 113 No one is exempt

One of the known global banking moguls planning and governing organizations is the Bilderbergers. This very elite and extremely secret organization meets annually to report their progress on the global take over and set the strategies for the coming year. They may be the ones directing the zoning of the whole earth and the printing of new money.

Of course there is the World Wide Web. The internet will be the instrument used to bring the image to life and have it speak to everyone at the same time all over the world.  Soon what we know as “virtual reality” on the computer will take on a new dimension. The demons that have been captured in “waterless places” have a home in the virtual world. They have already begun to operate from that position. If you think about it you know they have access to every home that has a computer through the World Wide Web. Since it is a virtual world, the demon forces are not stuck in time. They can be anywhere and everywhere in a split second. They can be everywhere all at once. The Bible speaks of them as “familiar spirits”. 

Jesus warned us about familiar spirits. The prophets of the Old Testament warned us about familiar spirits. They may be one of the reasons why it is said of our time “the rocks cry out no hiding place”.  The familiar spirits are why Jesus told his disciples not to say anything against their neighbor even in their bedchamber because a “little birdie” will tell it. That little birdie is a familiar spirit. No one is exempt. No one is full proof. Lucifer did not miss any one of the sons of G-D when he was assigning the familiar spirits to harass or inhabit them. Familiar spirits are the eyes and the ears of the New World Order. They constantly feed information about the True Sons of G-D to the second beast. Lucifer knows when we are awake and when we sleep. He knows our every thought world and deed. I like to call them pixies. They are nasty.

While I am on this subject there is no such thing as privacy in the United States of America or anywhere else on planet earth for that matter. The first satellites Russia and the US put into orbit back in the 60s made it possible to pin point any citizen of the globe within 10 feet and listen in on their conversation. Now they have added pictures to the audio feeds. Smile You’re on Candid Camera! It is not necessary to actually put a physical video camera or audio bug in your home to do this. No one is exempt. 


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