Day 199 We drove around for hours afraid to go home. If you cannot trust church, then who? & my return 30 years later.

We had to do something. My ex husband had to go to work on Monday and Monday was fast approaching. I had two very small premature babies to take care of and they needed to get home and be fed properly and put in their own bed. It took a several weeks to decide to go back to church. What we knew for sure if we ever went back to a church it would not be Full Faith Church of Love. I felt like I had been cut adrift. Like I was lost in a desert in a sand storm. I had been so close to The Lord G-D I felt I could reach out and caress his face. Now I could not see the nose on my own face. We finally did decide to find a different church. We had both grown up in church. We had been at church two times on Sunday and then Wednesday night. And both of us had been in choir so we actually went to church a fourth time every week to practice. I do not know why we did not go back to Max Morris and Red Bridge Baptist Church. As I think about it, Max had turned us over to Ernie in a 20 minute phone call. He abandoned me to Ernie. He left me. There was nothing for me to go back to there. Max actually quite pastoring Red Bridge and went out on the evangelist circuit for the Southern Baptist Convention. At least that is what I was told. 

I did not go back to Full Faith Church of Love form more than three decades. When I did return, some of the elders and members were still there that I had known. As I drove up into the parking lot a woman ran out to the car to meet me. I stopped and got out and stood by the drivers side of the car. I had no idea if they were going to throw me off the lot or what. But, she came running up to me and said, “Are you Theresa?” I said yes I was. She was in fact the daughter of the woman who had tried to stop me from leaving church that morning after the Mithra battle. She started bubbling over about how they had prayed for me and my family. She asked where I had been and what had happened to me. Where did we go? 

I told her about the Mithra attack that night. I told her the Mithra showed up at Full Faith Church of Love and unmasked to me.

She asked me if it was an elder.

I said yes.

She told me that in the next few months after we left everything had been revealed. The elder who was not human had been discovered and removed from the elder board. 

Somehow that did not help me. How did removing from an office change the fact he was not human and was still running around out there somewhere? At any rate, I was able to do what I went there to accomplish. I was able to apologized to them for not being stronger in the Lord G-D to do my part and expose the mithra in our midst. I did not protect the flock. I was supposed to tell them an elder was not human. 

She then said No Theresa. It was not your responsibility to tell us we had been infiltrated and a preditor was loose in the flock. She apologized to me saying The Lord G-D had trusted us to protect me and my family and provide a place for me to grow in faith and in my commission. They had let me down. If they had been better servants to the Lord G-D and Jesus the Christ the Mithra could not have infiltrated the congregation and taken a leadership position. Their failure caused the damage to our family. 

We hugged before we parted. My family had been destroyed. That is true. But perhaps even worse was the carnage in the Kingdom of The Lord G-D. The outpouring of the Spirit of The Lord G-D has not been the same in the Kansas City area or in the entire United States and the entire world since that day. 


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