Day 200 Further truth about Mithras and my next assignment.

The next church congregation we joined gave some insight into the world of modern day Mithras. One of the pastors at that church was in fact a mithra himself. He unmasked to me and my ex husband. He would walk around my home in his real form. He told many stories about the Mithras in England walking around in their true form. Many of them owning homes and being in leadership in England. He said Mithra was the ruling principality over England.


We left that congregation. We moved again. It seems fantastic to me now but The Lord G-D continued to use me in the capacity of prophet. 

One of the Sunday mornings when we were in between congregations, I got marching orders in my morning quiet time. I was to get the family out of bed, dress for church, and start driving down highway 70 toward St. Louis. Wow. 

Was this a test of faith? Obedience? I had to get up the courage to even tell my ex husband what I was supposed to do. But I did it. By this time my ex husband was so used to the moves of The Lord G-D in me he did not even question………..

We put the girls in the car and started driving. He kept asking where we were going. I kept telling him I did not know. I knew I would be told when we got there. He fussed but he kept driving.

Finally about an hour and a half straight down the highway there was an empty exit with no gas station or any other sign of life. It appeared to just go off into fields and pastures. It was a blind exit. No way to see what was behind it. I said turn in here. My ex husband protested. I said turn in here. He did and right on the other side of the exit just behind a little hill keeping it from being seen from the highway was a tiny little church. It was the size of a one room school house.

I said there. He said, “well I’ll be…………..”

We pulled into the yard and parked. I took the girls to the bathroom. My ex husband sat down. It just occurred to me I have no idea if the pastor talked to my ex husband while I was in the bathroom with the girls or not. As I think about it now it does seem likely the pastor would introduce himself to a strange man who came in with his family and sat down in his chair. But, when I joined my ex husband the pastor introduced himself. Then went on with his duties to his tiny flock before the service started. My ex husband asked me if I was going to prophecy. I said I do not know. I had no idea why we were there. The Lord G-D just said “Go”. So I went. I had no idea if this congregation believed in that sort of thing. IF they did not believe in prophecy in our day already Jesus would not testify in that place. Jesus will not break a bent reed. He has not caused an ache to any heart or a tear to anyone’s eye. So He will not testify if it is not the belief of the ones assembling. 

The service started. The pastor introduced himself. In front of the congregation in opening remarks he asked us where we were from. Thanked us for visiting. Invited us to stay for lunch after service. Then he opened the service with prayer. 

We sang and praised. Then he waited for prophecy. So I knew the congregation believed in and worked in the power gifts as explained in the Bible in the Book of Acts. But none came. No one prophesied. We sang again and waited for prophecy. None came. The pastor admonished his flock to work freely in their spiritual gifts and again we sang and waited for prophecy. In the absence of anyone stepping up in the congregation I was called to prophecy, give the testimony of Jesus. I did stand and speak.

The pastor stood up and told his flock that he had been telling them that IF they would not be obedient to the call of the Lord G-D to prophecy that The Lord G-D would send in a prophet from the outside. 

Wow. It would have been nice if Jesus would clue me in on where I was going and why. But as a prophet, a servant to the Lord G-D, my only j o b is to obey His voice and do His bidding. 

It turns out this church was a tiny church planted by Ernie Gruen. Wow again!  I had no idea that church even existed much less that it was planted by Ernie. Then come to find out the pastor of that tiny church grew up in the town where my ex husband grew up. My ex father in law had waged war against this church. The conversation that afternoon ended as we ate dinner with the congregation when the pastor of the Ernie Gruen planted church asked if my ex husband had told his dad what we believe.

That would be no.

We had not told anyone in either family about any of it. This would soon drive a wedge between my ex husband and I and both of our extended families and both of us and the pastor of the tiny church we visited that day and his family who still lived in my ex husbands home town. 

Wow again. 

This event increased my faith exponentially. You can believe it. You can hate it. You can war against it. It is truth. I hope this gives you an anchor to hold onto in your daily life. The Lord G-D is real. Jesus the Christ is real. The new creation is real. We are going home!

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