Day 201 Mithra fight for my children.

I shared with you my first encounter with a Mithras. It was not my last encounter or my most devastating. The fight for my children was on. The red dragon attacked my health, my husband’s fidelity, my daughter’s health, our family relationships, and every other aspect of our lives. We became isolated and alone. 

One of the things the red dragon strives to accomplish in the lives of the true sons of The Lord G-D is to separate them out and isolate them so he can defeat them. Remember The Lord G-D has said that where two or more are gathered in MY name I will be there. It is also written a threefold chord is not quickly broken. If Satan has any hopes of defeating or deceiving a true Son of The Lord God he has to first isolate him.  Please take note of this.

My next encounter with a Mithras was in a fight over my children. This is my first encounter with the “new world order”, the second beast that comes up out of the lake of glass. Since Israel’s 8 day war, the first beast, whore Church, has been in the process of turning over its power to the second  east as is described by the apostle John in the Book of Revelation. 

My autistic daughter was held captive by a woman that unmasked to me showing she was a Mithras. I went back into the courts through the social system in that area a second time to get my daughter out of there. The court was again in place where the judge was putting my daughter into my full custody. I had won the battle against the Mithras again. They day before we were to appear in court before the judge, the new group home where my daughter lived at the time, the one where t heh administrator unmasked to me and revealed she was a Mithras, called a meeting to set up my daughters service plan so we could submit it to the court the next day for approval. As I write this now I have to wonder why I submitted to it and why it was happening. Heather was being turned over to me. No more service plans were necessary or called for or even legal. I was stupid. I was toooo compliant even to a fault. They knew it and used my own good against me and my daughter, who could not fend for herself. 

It was as set up. I went to the meeting full of the delusion all was well. I was filled with joy. I was about to have my daughter back home with me where she belonged. When I got to her apartment her social worker said she wanted me to take her to lunch and to Wal-Mart to buy something before the meeting. This was an unplanned and not sanctioned by Heather’s social worker. I SHOULD HAVE SMELLED A TRAP. This group that called the meeting all of a sudden demanded I take Heather out on an unauthorized outing the day before I take over her custody. It was against the present ruling protocols. 

They told me if I did not accomplish the task they had set for me in the time allotted the court order to put my daughter in my custody would be revoked. The court hearing would not happen. I would never set eyes on my daughter again. I think fear gripped me because I did not think this through. I should have called off the visit and just headed for the court house. I should have told the judge what had just happened. There is a good chance she was in on the plan and it was institutionalized any way. The court hearing the next day was my one shot to gain custody of my daughter and save her from the Mithras in charge of her.  The set up was such that I could not possibly win this game. No way. No how. Numb, I set out on the appointed run. 


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