Day 202 Live to fight another day……. or find out you did not have to fight at all.

My daughter and I made it to Burger King to get a Whopper and to Wal Mart so she could spend her money she made that week, but then I was out of time. I could not make it back to the location for the meeting they had called in the time allotted.  I had two choices. I take the highway and drive highway speeds and make the deadline or I go the city street they had required and miss the deadline and reportedly not even ever make it to the hearing to be appointed her guardian because I was not a capable mom.  I failed their litmus test. I chose to take the highway and make the deadline.

Literally as I drove off the ramp a policeman pulled me over sirens blaring. He said, “I understand you are kidnapping your daughter.” Before I could get a word out of my mouth Heather chimed in with “Oh that is ridiculous!” Ridiculous was one of her favorite words and it fit well here. The officer asked her more and he calmed down. I told him to leave us alone or he could face charges of false arrest. He said yes he was instructed to arrest me before I even drove off the ramp. It was a set up. So he thought about it. He asked Heather to get into his car with the lights. She refused. He said someone told the police I would be kidnapping my daughter that day……

He followed Heather and I to the meeting site. The director came out and said, “Theresa, what is going on?”  

OMG…. Author’s side note.  I just had an epiphany.  The director of the group home asked what was going on…. she did not connect with the officer like they knew each other or had been in touch with each other to set this up………….. she asked, “What is going on?”  Then she said, “Come inside and lets work out Heather’s accommodations.”  I panicked. I over reacted……. I bolted. Heather was screaming “Mommie don’t leave me! Mommie don’t go!” and I ran to my car and I drove away……………………………… terrified. It is occuring to me now that perhaps the director did not set me up. That I could have should have gone inside that building and stood with my daughter. I though they were going to trump up charges against me and put me in jail so I could not ever be with her again….. or ever be her guardian. I will never know now what would have happened if I had stayed with her that day.  I have not spoken to her since that moment. The last thing I ever heard from her was a panicked cry not to leave. Wow…………  

The devastation of my family……….  because I was afraid.

This is a good example why it is important and the Bible says do not fear……. 

Problem is, I do not know what to do now……… how to fix it and the decades between then and now…….

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