Day 222 They had the money and the clout with the New World Order to get things done

I started to explain what they would have to do to get the car out of that mud sunk in over their axels and stopped before I could even make a sound.

The “escort” said not to worry. They would take care of them. The next morning was Saturday. But you know, these guys have the money and the clout and the power with the new world order to get anything they want done. I drove by the there early the next morning about sunup before the Saturday meeting began and the other attendees came. The car was gone. Instead, there was a huge pile of gravel on the side of the drive where the mud pit had been.  The picture of the world cheering when the two witnesses are killed came to mind. The cheering of the crowd as I was escorted out of that meeting felt just like that. 

The two witnesses are incarnate on planet earth right now.

At the end of their testimony, when The Lord G-D allows antichrist to “kill” them, and after three- and one-half days their bodies are on display, The Lord G-D breathes LIFE into them. The two witnesses stand on their feet. Great fear enters all who remain on planet earth. The Lord G-D calls to them in an audible voice heard around the globe, “Come up here. Stand by me”.  

Each one of the remaining inhabitants on planet earth watch in horror as the two witnesses ascend into the Heavens in a cloud. At that very minute there is a great earthquake and a tenth of the city with the spiritual identity of Sodom and Gomorrah collapses into ruin. Seven thousand people are killed in the earthquake and the rest of them left standing give Glory to The ONE Lord G-d of Heaven. 

The City of Rome, Vatican City, is the city with the spiritual identity of Sodom and Gomorrah where the great harlot dwells and sells her wares to the merchants. The ten hills Vatican City rests upon are where Apostle John and others see the kings on earth and the powers that be come and indulge in the great harlot. 

One purpose of an end time “prophet” is to stand in the face of the Antichrist system and proclaim that the IMPERSONATORS are not The Christ, Jesus of Nazareth.  Jesus told us right before his ascension that in the last days perilous times would come. Many would come in His name claiming to be him.  None of them are him. None of them are The Christ of The Lord G-D, Jesus of Nazareth. The resurrected Jesus in human form tells us many will say he is there or he is over there. Many will run from this place and that place to find him. Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, is not there. If anyone is there, they are an impersonator sent by the red dragon to deceive the many. True Sons hear the word of The Lord G-D and do not go. 


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