Day 221 The New World Order In Action

I have experienced the New World Order In Action taking people captive to their control in a small way. I was a part of a certain organization for 6 years. It was not what I thought it was. I was deceived into believing their own press releases. It was the first day of the annual convention.  As I entered the convention hall to attend the meeting, I was presented with Mithras, shape shifters, witches and all manner of Lucifer’s minions. I was dealing with a broken foot and just about did not attend. I paid almost 500 dollars to attend (and found out later everyone else paid less, much less, or nothing at all to attend making what happens next even more wrong). But I had paid my dues so I decided to have a go. It was disastrous. By evening my foot was throbbing and I had had enough of the propaganda I was hearing from the stage. I put my notebooks in my back pack and turned down the aisle to leave on my crutches. Of Course. When I got to the back doors I could see it was raining a down pour. More like a gully washer. The shuttles to the cars were not running because of the heavy rain event.  A big bus came by to pick up the few who were attempting to leave. It has steep narrow steps. I could not navigate them with my crutches and my broken foot. 

I let them know I could not navigate those stairs. So after half an hour or more a golf cart came to pick me up. It was still raining at the same levels as before. You could barely see your hand in front of you. After much deliberation and some tribulation with my foot I made it to the golf cart that was taking me to my car in the parking lot. As heard a very large and rounded cheer go up amongst the attendees as I left. The “escort” they assigned to me to make sure I left said something like, “That is just a cheer for the rain”. He meant to throw me off the idea the uproar back in the meeting all was in regard to my leaving. 

But immediately as the “escort” finished his sentence pretending to console me, we approached a car in a different parking lot on the right hand side of the road. At that instant he finished his sentence a car drifted into a mud pit and buried itself in the mud. It was amazing to behold. I had never witnessed any mud slides like, say, oh, in California for instance. The car disappeared at an even pace further and further into the mud. It did not slow down until the car was up over the side of the passenger doors in mud. The people were still inside the car screaming for help.

The drivers of the shuttle/golf cart I was in let out a little shriek. I started to say the car is falling into the mud pit but stopped to watch. Then I tried to say, “They are f……. (falling) and the “escort” broke in saying “Yeah, they are fucked”. 

I started to explain what they would have to do to get the car out with mud up over the axels and was stopped before I could even get a sound out. 

The “escort” said not to worry they would take care of them. It would not be fixed that night, but they would get the car out and fit it in the morning. The next morning was really now because it was already the wee hours of the morning. The day was Saturday. The last day of the convention. The day of the black-tie dinner and awards night. I drove by just to see what the car would look like buried in the mud. The car was gone. There was a huge pile of gravel on the side of the parking lot where the mud pit had been. 

I immediately thought of the world cheering when the two witnesses are killed. It sounded and felt just like that a few hours before when the crowd cheered as I left being drenched by the rain. 

The two witnesses are incarnate here on planet earth now.

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