Day 48 Weeding the Garden

I am repeating the 5th definition of Weeds that I wrote into Day 47. It bears repeating. 

        Something of little value; specifically; am animal of poor confirmation, lacking stamina, and unfit to breed from: an animal that is 

        detrimental especially in preoccupying habitats that might otherwise harbor more desirable forms or in damaging habitat value of the

        land on which they live.

This fifth definition of “weed” speaks to the worthless among us. Those already dead. They are indeed taking up space that otherwise might harbor more desirable forms of life. They go about damaging good habitats value of the land where they are found. They exist to create havoc and only feel good about themselves when they have succeeded in making the alive ones as bad as they are. It is their waking and sleeping thought and every thought in between. The are the flock created for destruction. 

In the verb form TO WEED means:

      1. To remove weeds or something harmful

       2. To free from noxious plants

       3. To free something that is harmful or offensive.

       4. To diminish by removing the less desirable portion of

       5. To get rid of on account of being harmful or superflous

       6.  Get rid of

       7.  Often used with “out” (or to cut out)


                                   TIME IS THE BOUNDARY LINES FOR THE GARDEN




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