Day 49 Why have weeds any way?

Weeds are often impossible to distinguish from the true plant. When “weeding” a vegetable garden often the person pulling up the weeds will pull up a vegetable plat with it. So, how is The Lord G-D to rid creation of the two weeds if by the very act of destroying the weeds the true vines are destroyed?

The poison of death spread. The Lord G-D knew it was the nature of weeds that if He pulled them up some of His true plantings would be uprooted with them. It is the character of weeds to choke out all other plants around it. What can be done? 

G-D chose to allow the weeds to grow in the Garden of Eden alongside the true plantings of the Lord knowing full well they would eventually choke out any and all true vines. When the weeds have completely over taken the Garden (planet earth) and there is no more true vines from the Lord G-D rooted here, then and there, at that time, The Lord G-D will breathe fire from His nostrils consuming the weeds and the rebellion with them. 


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