Day 47 Parables of the weeds

But why did Jesus of Nazareth use the parable of the weeds when teaching the disciples about the garden? What qualities do weeds have that came be used to understand the consequences of the rebellion and fall of adamah man? Let’s look at the definition of weeds to begin answering those questions.

Weeds are defined in Webster’s Third New International Dictionary-Unabridged Volume III S-Z a Britannica World Language Dictionary 1768 o page 2592 in the noun form as:

        1. An introduced plant growing in ground that is or has been in cultivation usually to the detriment of the crop or to the disfigurement of the 

            place: an economically useless plant growth.

       2. A tree or shrub of low economic value that tends to grow freely and by its presence to exclude or retard more valuable plants. 

       3. A common species.

       4. A form of vegetable life of exuberant growth and injurious effect.

       5. Something of little value: specifically: an animal of poor confirmation, lacking stamina, and unfit to breed from: an animal that is 

            detrimental especially in preoccupying habits that might otherwise harbor more desirable forms or damaging habitat value of the land 

            on which they live. 

This fifth definition of “weed” speaks to the worthless among us. Those already dead. They are indeed taking up space that otherwise might harbor more desirable forms of life. They go about damaging good habits value of the land where they are found. They exist to create havoc and only feel good about themselves when they have successful in making the alive ones as bad as they are. It is their waking and sleeping thought and every thought in between. They are the flock created for destruction. 

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