Day 71 Salvation part 2: How it works

Once covered by the blood of the Lamb, The Lord G-D sees the perfection of his only Son begotten of adamah female when He sees us. Creator G-D is holy and cannot look on sin. Creators holiness dispels sin automatically with no remedy. The blood of his begotten Son’s sacrifice acts as a filter so The Lord G-D sees us only as perfection. He does not see or experience us as adamah/dust or rebellion. But that is not all. There is a second part to salvation.

Please understand. No amount of being good saves anyone. No amount of behaving badly or “being bad” kills a soul. Death is the name for separation from The Lord G-D. When you come to earth through the birth canal of an ish/ woman you are already dead in the sin of Adam and Eve. You came through the birth canal of your mother separated from Creator LIFE. You were born in death. This is true because you are descended from the seed of the first Adam couple. They were formed from the dust leftover from the destruction of the first creation. Dust we are and to dust we return unless we hear this truth and believe it is talking about us. We have to take this truth unto ourselves. Own it. You must decide, “That is me.” “I am dust.” “I was separated from LIFE and must be connected to Creator LIFE again. The way to do that is to be reborn into NEW LIFE.” 

The adamah/dust is dead. No LIFE can come from it. Our ancestors were formed from this dead adamah/dust. The Lord G-D resurrects us to LIFE. We are born again not of woman person. We are born of Spirit. We are LIFE and alive again. This is the second part of the fix. The Lord   G-D set up to defeat death. We must be born again. This second birth is again immortal. LIFE without end. 

Jesus of Nazareth is The Lamb of G-D who was commissioned by Creator G-D before he created time to travel through the birth canal of woman an incorruptible seed and remain perfect in earth. As perfection the begotten Son shed his blood. Jesus got the job done. We can choose to rise from the death of the adamah/dust to LIVE again. There is JOY in Heaven. 

In Revelation 12:10 The apostle John, the author of Revelation, says it like this, “Then I heard a loud voice in heaven saying:”

       Now have come G-D’s victory, power and kingship

       And the authority of his Messiah;

       Because the accuser of our brothers,

       Who accuses them day and night before G-D

       Has been thrown out.

        They defeated him because of the Lamb’s blood

       And because of the message of THE WITNESSES. 

        Even when facing death

        They did not cling to life.

         Therefore, Rejoice heaven and you who live there!

          But woe to you, land and sea,

           For the Adversary has come down to you,

            He is very angry, because he knows that his time is short.”


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