Day 72 the changing of the guard. 

If the war in Heaven is over and Creator G-D won why are we who are here living on planet earth now enduring one day at a time? Why do we have to go through this?

Good Question.

We are here on earth playing out this drama while enduring time because the original being does not loose even a particle of the original self to the rebellion or to the void. Creator G-D the ONE set his plan in place to sort out the “duplicates” Lucifer made from cloning or duplicating true Sons. We who are here are carrying out the sorting now. One way to say it is Jesus of Nazareth is pulling the weeds out of the Garden Creator G-D the ONE planted east in Eden. 

Also, there is the issue of 1/3 of the angels that Lucifer deceived into rebelling with him and then there is the matter of 1/3 of the stars the dragon swept out of the heavens with his tail as he cascaded down through the void when thrown down out of Heaven. All of this has to be resolved on all levels. Time is the boundary set by Creator G-D to limit the scope and affect Lucifers’ rebellion has on all creation.

We are at the final end to it all.

We are going home.

Some in the “new age” movement would have you believe this (earth) is Heaven and you better make the best of it. Live and Laugh and LOVE for tomorrow you may die. Little do they know or say that they who are selling this philosophy are already dead and some are second death with no remedy so dying “tomorrow” is a mute point. There was a popular song in the 70s titled “Heaven is a Place on Earth”. Fortunately for the True Sons of Creator G-D that is not true. We are soon going home. Unfortunately for the sons of the rebellion the sorting process is in full swing. 

As Lucifer fell through void to Creator G-d’s footstool, earth, he spewed waters out of his mouth. In the rage of his soul Lucifer chased Lilith across the expanse of the dome to destroy her and the male child she carried. Creator G-D the ONE gathered the waters Lucifer spit at Lilith and formed a sea of glass. Then Creator G-D the ONE took Lilith to a waterless place to deliver her child. When Creator G-D the ONE saw that Lilith was safe, he placed the sea of glass under His throne in heaven in the second creation. 

At this point of Apostle John’s vision as recorded in the book of Revelation, the dragon is standing on the shore of the sea of glass. Revelation 12:18 says the red dragon is poised there at the edge of the sea to call up the second beast. He sits to watch the second beast come up out of the sea of glass and take over the rule of the world.

This change in command of the forces of the red dragon is accomplished. On the third Sunday of November 2009, November 15, 2009, the first beast, the whore Church, sat down by the edge of the sea of glass and the second beast came up out of the sea of glass and took over the power and authorities of the first beast. The first beast set up by Lucifer, the whore Church, was founded by the red dragon, the devil to carry out his plans to gain power and dominion over peoples minds in order to dominate the world. November 13, 2009 is the changing of the guard. The Church relinquished its place to the second beast, the new world order. 

We are in the time of the second beast now. Yes  you. Yes me. Yes you and me. The plan is to dominate the world through the antichrist and the antichrist system. We are living in those days. Yes you. Yes me. Yes you and me. The antichrist system is operating right now. Today. 

The foundation and source of the panorama of the world we experience today is the red dragon, ha Satan, the devil who gave power to the first beast, the whore Church to deceive the many. The whore Church has now relinquished its power to the second beast, the new world order. The red dragon exists to assert the claim that it is Creator G-D or “like G-d” and can do a better job of being god than the ONE who is Creator G-D. 

This is the final Identity Theft. 

This is the final Identity Theft. Antichrist claims to be Messiah. Antichrist impersonates Creator God’s Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth and claims to be the Messiah of G-D. Many melodramas are staged and many miracles are performed to deceive the masses. 

The sorting process is in full swing.

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