Day 73 Revelation 13 is the best picture of the antichrist system

Revelation Chapter 13 is the best picture of the antichrist system already in place today that I see in the Bible. The apostle John describes the red dragon and various beasts that come up out of the sea of glass made from the “waters” that spewed out of the mouth of Lucifer as he was cast out of Heaven. The red dragon of course is Satan, the devil, the accuser of the brethren, a liar and the father of all lies, the lord of the flies. The two beasts are formed in those waters Lucifer spewed out of his mouth in an attempt to kill Lilith. The red dragon calls them to come up out of the sea of glass.  The first “beast” is Church as created by Constantine in the third century AD and the council of Mycenae. The first beast emanates its power and its function through the “Church” or organized religion. The Apostle John shares his vision, “As the dragon looks out onto the water of the sea of glass that is before the throne of G-D in Heaven, a beast comes up out of the sea”. 

The apostle John describes the first beast as having 10 royal crowns on the seven heads and on the 7 heads is written blasphemous names. In his vision John sees the first beast coming out of the waters to greet the dragon and describes it as being like a leopard (catlike) with feet like a bear (meaning it has huge long grizzly type claws) and the mouth of a lion so it roars. The red dragon, Satan, standing on the seashore gives the power he wielded in Heaven as the Lucifer of G-D and most of his authority to this first beast of the sea we know as “the Church”. 


One thing for sure the merchants the apostle John talks about in Revelation are sellers of the wares of the Whore church. The Whore Church sells “salvation to sinners for free”. But, it is not true this salvation from “Church” is without cost to you. You get “saved” by believing in the Church, that the Church has the power to save you, by buying indulgences, absolutions, purgatory, the cross, the saints, the “high holy days” just to mention a few.  It is for sure a money making proposition.  In Jerusalem temple in Jesus of Nazareth days they were selling sick and deformed pigeons and lambs at an inflated price to poor Jewish families who did not have flocks and herds of their own so they could carry on their required ritual sacrifices to G-D as set down by Jewish law or even pay the temple tax. Jesus threw these types of money changers out of the temple in Jerusalem. 

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