Day 216 “The Sky Rolls Back Like a Scroll” > NO BATTLE

“The Sky Rolls Back Like a Scroll”

I like that imagery. The picture of the sky rolling back like a scroll combined with the understanding all of time is the size of a shoe box sitting on a table in the corner of the throne room of The Lord G-D, Creator of all that is leads me to the example of a 1950’s Sardine can. Sardines used to come in a small flat rectangular tin can with slightly rounded corners. A “key” was attached to the side of the can. In order to open the sardine can, you pulled the “key” off the side of the can and thread it into a small piece of metal on the top of the can at one end. Then you turned the “key” over and over and over and over again peeling back the tin lid of the can. With each turn of the “key” the tin rolled around the “key”. Finally, when the “key” reached the opposite end of the sardine can, the lid was off and the can was open. The sardines were revealed.

The sky will roll back like the tin lid on the top of the sardine can rolls up to reveal the sardines inside. The Lord G-D is about to pop the top of this sardine can we call “the universe” or “creation”. Jesus of Nazareth, the rider of the white horse in the book of Revelation, calls unto his own and catches up His people to himself. He clothes them in white linen, sets them on white horses. The saints of The Lord G-D are prepared to battle the sons satan in rebellion and the red dragon as they circle the camp of The Lord G-D.

But there isn’t any battle.

Take heed to this truth.

There is no battle.

There is no battle.

There is no battle.

There is no battle.


You who are preparing for “a war” are deceived.

There is no battle.


The breath of The Lord G-D creator of all that is comes out of the heavens like a fire and consumes the army of the dead. This is not some virtual reality game. This is real and true.

This present creation, the second creation, is consumed in the fires from the mouth of Creator G-D. 


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