Day 215 The Old Heaven and the Old Earth Pass Away

In Revelation 21 The Apostle John records that he saw a new heaven and a new earth for the old heaven and the old earth had passed away; and THE SEA OF GLASS WAS NO LONGER THERE.

This is important. The sea of glass, the adversary, and the lake of fire, the beast, and those souls deceived by the serpent into the second death, are no more. In the new heaven and the new earth they do not exist.

The apostle John saw the New Jerusalem coming down out of the New Heaven from The Lord G-D.  The city is lit up beautifully much like a bride adorns herself for her groom. God’s Shekinah glory now resides with an. He will live with us. We will be his people and he himself will be our Lord G-D. God with us. Emanuel is his name.

God With Us wipes away every tear from the eyes of the redeemed. There will no longer be any death, and there will no longer be any mourning, crying or pain, because the old creation has passed away. Behold the new creation lives. Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of God, the expiation for the original sin of Lucifer, is the New Adam in the New Creation.

It is impossible by our own strength to comprehend what is real and what is deception. The founders of “the new world order” have millions of followers deceived into believing in their hearts they are busy building “the new earth”. The new earth that is in the new Creation for the rule by “the new world order” are the ones who are deceived. The Bible is written so that often they have scripture to back their position. They believe they have a personal relationship with Jesus, the Christ of G-D much like we who oppose them believe we have that personal relationship with Jesus.

I have met many people who believe they are “rulers” and “judges” in the millennial reign. They believe they are following Christ, but they really are part of any earthly system of people that will one day claim to rule the world. They are deceived.

They are convinced they are saved. They believe they know Jesus of Nazareth and are known by Him. They are deceived.

So how can we stay on the right path? What assurance do we have that the voices we hear and the commands we obey are the one and only true Creator G-D. 

Jesus has laid out a road map. He has built that highway in the desert. He has commanded some of us through the ages to write down the truth of the Kingdom so we will not perish.

These events are not secret or underground so that some of us will see them and some of us are “out of the loop”. When Jesus returns on his white horse all humankind and adamah sees him at once. This is not some extra-terrestrial coming in a flying saucer as some reporter records it by video and plays the video around the world for all to see. 


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