Day 68 Angels to the rescue

I begged the paramedics to tell the leaders of the convention what was happening to me because I felt they needed to know for their own protection. The paramedics unmasked to me showing me they were in fact angels. They said, “Theresa don’t worry about the convention leaders. You need more protection than anyone here tonight. G-D has sent us to you. Let us save you.” 

I let them do it. My friend the star stayed with me the whole time in the emergency room. We were there about 4 hours. The diagnosis was “a kidney stone”. I knew I did not have kidney stones. Earlier that day the red haired “goddess” and I were talking. In the course of the conversation I said, “Oh shoot”. She “pinged” me saying she would “shoot me”. I did not understand what she meant until that moment they told me my pain was from “a kidney stone”.  My friend the star and I took a taxi back to the hotel. She came with me to my room.

Once she had me settled in to bed, she told me more of her life here on earth and her mission. I told her what I knew about mine and the times we are in. She wisely said my mission would become clear to me as I went along. She warned me of “dark days” ahead. Admonishing me not to despair. She called me “One Loved by G-D” like it was a title or a name. 

She left my room about 5 AM telling me to get some sleep. We had completely missed the big finale meeting the night before on Saturday. There was a break out session that started in a few hours on that following Sunday morning. I had a plane ticket home immediately after. 

The Luminary told me I should sleep as late as I could. The breakout session was not important and I needed my sleep. I woke up about 7:30 am. I was wide awake and still a little miffed I missed the grand finale for the convention. I was not yet consciously aware of how majestic it was that a Star and Angels were sent by The Lord G-D to keep me from attending that meeting or that the Angels also came to the convention just to make sure I did not attend the grand finale.

I soon found out.

Since I was awake and could not get back to sleep I got up and went to the break out session. My Luminary friend was there in the seats we had occupied during the conference. She glistened at me as I approached and said, “We were sure you would come. I came to protect you. Sit here. We are not alone.”

At that time I realized she was in fact a little emaciated and her face was drawn. I asked her about her health. She said she was running out of LIGHT essence. She had expended way tooooooo much LIGHT in the past few days keeping me from harm. LIGHT essence is a limited commodity on earth these days. 

I was of course upset she was expending herself in my behalf. She said to me, “The Lord G-D has ransomed entire nations for you so that you will not fail. My efforts are minimal and inconsequential to me. I will be alright as soon as I get back to my own home where I live. G-D will replenish LIGHT essence in me once I AM there.”

My presence in the large meeting haul had not gone unnoticed. 


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