Day 67 Rescued by an illuminary

I have been rescued by one of these heavenly illuminaries walking the earth in human form. This is my testimony so you know I am not telling you this from some book I read or from something I heard or even from a vision or other supernatural method. This is real. The event is real.

I was attending a convention of about 2,000 people who were all eager to learn of the new paradigm and how it was going to come to birth. I met this very gentle woman on the first day. We sat next to each other in a large meeting hall. Through the next two days of seminars we shared with each other about our lives and our walk on earth. On the last day, a Saturday, I invited her up to my room for a room service meal and more time of sharing. We were about to attend the big finale meeting that night. Everyone at that convention was anxiously awaiting what would be revealed that night.

My friend arrived on time and we sat on my bed sharing our lives with each other. I had been in pain on my right side most of the day and it seemed that it was intensifying. She shared with me that she was in fact a star and that there were more of her part of creation on earth. She shared with me how difficult it is to generate light frequencies through our present darkness. My experience of her as she was creating light could be described like she was shivering or shaking or vibrating. Each orb in the heavens vibrates a specific frequency of LIGHT assigned to them by Creator G-D as he voiced “let there be light”. Her particular frequency was quite high even for LIGHT beings and often she became so weary it seemed her light would be extinguished and the darkness here would grow thicker. She has a place by the mercy of our Lord G-D. A group of people surround her as a shield to keep her alive vibrating and pulsating protecting her from the darkness that would engulf her as as much distance as they can muster. 

I started to tell her who I was. She said she knew who I was. In fact she had some very important information from The Lord G-D and the Son to me to confirm some of the things I had been wondering about myself. She told me she was pretty much sure she was sent to the convention for me. She told me of the mysteries of the Kingdom and how some of the events in my life fit into the Divine Plan. She confirmed to me that I AM who I thought I might be. She told me I was greatly loved of G-D and that the time for my revealing had come. She said there were great many forces of darkness that desired to destroy me. She told me she was sent by The Lord Jesus The Christ to come to my aid in m time of need. I had no idea what she meant until the pain in my side became so intense I cried out. She called the hotel security. They called the paramedics who came immediately and took me to the hospital. 


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