Day 66 The Devil makes war on the children of the male child

Revelation 12:17 says the dragon was infuriated over the woman and the child and went off to fight the rest of her children. With Lilith safe on dry land and the waters swallowed up V 18 simply says, “So then the dragon stood on the seashore.” I get the picture of his bewildered face as Satan realizes Lilith is out of his reach, the child has been born, and all the waters he spewed out have been contained by earth. All he has to show for it is the sea of glass under the throne of The Lord G-D.

The problem is that Satan just did not get it. You would think it utter failure and complete humiliation would convince him he is not god and has no chance against The Lord G-D the almighty. BUT  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Instead Lucifer, the red dragon, determines to go fight the rest of the woman’s children. That’s us.

This is significant for us still in time right now. The stars who were swept from their positions in Heaven and cast to earth walk the earth in human form. Those who were not part of the rebellion are here to help us. 

I have met at least one who let me know her true identity. It is the j o b of those luminaries cast down to earth to shine whatever light they can muster into these dark times. The red dragon cast the stars down to earth in an attempt to kill the Light of G-D and weaken the true Sons but in fact it is working in our favor. No matter how dark it gets our how thick the darkness in these last days, the light from the illuminaries pierce the darkness. We are deeply indebted to them and blessed to have them. I believe their presence here on earth is in the divine design of Creator G-D who gave us everything we need to be and do HIS will completing the takes each and every one of us came to earth for at this time. We are greatly blessed that these heavenly orbs who used to soar the heavens are here among us now. 

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